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From Jaisalmer to Pushkar

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So we had a day in Jaisalmer before the night train to Jodhpur. Cecil took himself off for the day (wherever he goes) and myself and Marion explored the fort for a while and did a bit of shopping. Later we went for a lovely dinner with Timmy and had a great auld chit chat about life, love and travels. (We had to get a tuk tuk to the dinner! ;) )
We got back to our hotel in time to get our bags and be ready for our tuk tuk to the train station for my 7th overnight sleeper train in India!! So Cecil appears in the hotel, all clean with new clothes and a new haircut. He looked pretty normal and with it for a change and said he was gong to take a shower and follow us on to the station. I wrote down the train number and sleeper carriage number and seat numbers for him in his notebook and said we'd see him there.

The manager was not pleased to see us bungle into a tuk tuk without taking Cecil with us, as he was worried Cecil would cause trouble! But we couldn't fit 4 into it with our bags and we were ready and not willing to hang around and risk missing our train! So off we went. So we're on the train and there's no sign of Cecil! The train starts moving and there's still no sign of Cecil. Hmmmm. We began to think he might actually have missed the train!!

Another couple from London were on the two top bunks above us. The dude was really ill and looked terrible! We were chatting away to them telling them of Cecil's adventures and wondering aloud what had happened to him.
Then about 45 mins later, up pops Cecil in a terribbbbble humour, yelling at us that he had told us to wait for him on the platform and he'd been waiting there for 20 mins! When we hadn't shown up (we were on the train!!) he hopped on anyways and had been in a kerfuffle with the train conductor about his ticket ever since (we had it). Then he told us all to go F ourselves! :D I made an exaggerated gasping noise and shocked face and then he said ''not you!''. But he was well peeved.

Eventually he calmed down and we all settled into our bunks. Cecil woke us alll up at 1.30 am looking for a light for his smoke. The cheek! Then when we awoke at 5am to get ready to get off the train, there was no sign of Cecil. We walked up and down the carriage, peeping into people's bunks looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen. After a while, the sick London dude (henry) told us that he had seen our ''mate go that way at about 1.30 or something''. We were all like ''ooooh shitttt...'' thinking he'd gotten off the train for a smoke, and hadn't gotten back on again. We didn't know what to do!! Then sick London guy goes to the loo and comes back very quickly to tell us that our ''mate has passed out on the floor in the jaxx''. AHAHAHHAHAH and yet URRRRRRRRRGHHH those toilets are DISGUSTING and covered in wee and poop. Myself and Timmy started banging on the jaxx door to try wake him up. After about 5 mins ofbanging and shouting, Cecil emerges and says '' uhhhh I just fell asleep on the toilet floor''.. ahahahahahhaha. I was like 'eh sit over there away from me please luv''

So after this, tensions were high in the group, we were all knackered and fairly fed up and getting annoyed with Cecil and his antics. We made our way to the bus station to try and get a bus to Jodhpur, but the bus station was like something out of that Asterix and Obelix movie - there was a lot of running around, instructions in different languages and nothing concrete achieved! Cecil was annoyed at me for not answering his questions ( I DONT KNOW HOW LONG THE FECKIN BUS TAKES WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME??) and decided he wanted to go off by himself and said he'd see us in PushP. I tried so hard not to loll my head off. (Pushp was the name of the guesthouse 2 towns ago. We were off to Pushkar!)
Then just as were were hugging it out and bidding each other adieu, Timmy offers us all a car trip to Pushkar for 750 rupees each. It was expensive and soooo uncomfortable (my head kept hitting the roof and I kept sliding into Marion) but after 6 hours squished together, we were nearly there.
Trying to find the hotel (with a swimming pool) that we'd booked in Pushkar, resulted in another 30 minutes of madness as Cecil shouted at the driver, and Timmy phoned the hotel for directions, while the driver leaned out the window asking every Ram, Miki & Ravi where the hotel was.
Eventually we found it. It had an AWESOME swimming pool and lovely gardens filled with foreigners and monkeys! Myself and Marion were so happy to be our of the car and away from the lads for a short while, when all of a sudden, Cecil decides it's not for him and ups and leaves, so Timmy moves into our room. sighhhhhh.


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