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Pushkar part 1

a week of vegging out

sunny 33 °C

Pushkar is a small, hippy town that Hindu's pilgrimage to. It consists of a big lake, surrounded by 52 bathing ghats. It's considered a very holy place and Gandhi's ashes are scattered at the ghats here. Unfortunately it has no booze, no meat and no eggs! It was, I thought, a nice place to spend a few days. (I had intended on going on to Bundi and Ranthambore but spent the whole week in Pushkar!)
Well our hotel DID have a pool! :D The gardens were pretty fancy and were filled with monkeys and tortoises. Myself and Marion quickly made use of these facilities for some serious sunbathing. And went to see sunset down by the Ghats that evening.


The next day we climbed another hill/mountain to the Saraswati Temple (Goddess of learning) to take a good look at the town from above. It only took us 30 mins to get to the top though but we were rewarded with great views! 8643976237_78ec0287be.jpg8643974599_6ddcd3b087.jpg8645069380_93bc22ffae.jpg8643972199_ca0cfe19c3.jpg8645067268_a97fe73e71.jpg8645064320_34261491e9.jpg

So after that and a bit of shopping at the many many stalls stuffed with scarves, clown pants, incense, elephant statues, purses, bags, jewellery and other trinkets, we figured we deserved some sneak rums and cokes. Timmy zoomed off on his motorbike to get us some hooch from out of town and we spent the evening by the pool sipping on the sweet sweeeet rum. We met an Irish couple and a Dutch girl and they invited us to have dinner with them in a restaurant later that night. Apparently this restaurant is thee place to get rum, but you have to book yourselves in for dinner and drinks early in the day. So off we went to book, chatted to some weird guy in the place and booked 3 of us in for dinner and drinks. Despite the dude telling us not to tell anyone else, Timmy invited 2 strapping Ecuadorians along later too.

So the gang of us rocked up to the restaurant and there was no where for us to sit as the joint was full so we decided to go for a falafel and then pop back for drinks after. Which we did. Welllll, when we returned the weird restaurant dude reprimanded us for not being there for dinner! We tried to explain that we had actually been there at 8 but there were no seats. We pointed at his dad who was in reception and said ''He saw us, we were here at 8!''. However I think the auld fella was blind or mental and wasn't much of a witness. Anywho, this dude was being a jerk so I wasn't relly sure if I wanted to stay and neither was Marion. But Timmy persuaded us to sit insdie and stay for a few. So in we popped to this tiny little room with cushions and mats on the floor and a low table. We piled in on top of each other, me, Marion, Timmy, another UK dude with fabulous eyes, 2 handsome Ecuadorians, the Dutch gal and another couple of ladies from Sweden and Iran. Out came th rum, which we drank from tea cups (sneaky sneaky) and then out came the playing cards. And so the drinking games started!

The room was tinchy, with no fan or windows, the lads were smokin, the rum was sweet and the coke was cold! There was laughing, shouting, sweating, head clasping, spills, oohs, aahs, animal noises and general merriment and hilarity as we all played and failed at this game King of Cups. Failure was rewarded with 3 fingers of rum. It was hilarious and we were all lamped.

At about 1 or so, Marion wasn't feeling well and wanted to go back to the hotel so I said I would go with her and we went downstairs. The restaurant dude offered to walk us back to our hotel. We forgot the key so the dude went upstairs to get it for us, and here starts the confusion! The restaurant dudd says as he went to get the key, Timmy grabbed his arm and told him to *unmentionable swearing*. (I wasn't sure I believed his story or else he was confused). Timmy maintains he said ''don't touch those girls or I'll kick your ass'' (In a jokey fashion he said). Anywho, whatever he said or joked about was lost in translation and not received well! YEr man came downstairs saying to us that ''That guy upstairs is an asshole and I'm going to kick his ass''. :D I was thinking to myself ''Please don't let it be Timmy'', but of course it was! So then Timmy came downstairs to have it out with yer man and there was a whole big pointless kerfuffle while the two lads threatened to Duel but didn't actually do anything! Hilaro. In the end, Timmy apologised to yer man and we all wandered home through the dark, empty streets of Pushkar (The town shuts down at about 9 or 10!) A big fuss about nothing! :D
(I thought that restaurant dude was weird from the start though..weird vibes...)

Next day Timmy and Marion were off to Delhi. Marion was ready to go while Timmy lounged about in his pants not packing his bag. hahahahahah I would have been sweating with the nerves wondering if we'd ever make the train, but luckily I was going nowhere and dind't have to fret about such things. I decided to stay and chill in Pushkar for another few days and ditch the expensive Tiger safari (where there were no tigers).

Before thel ads left, another young gent called Joe arrived at our apt and was chatting away to us. He'd just arrived in Pushkar so I invited him to hang by the pool for t day. We bid farewell to the other two, who I was very sad to see go actually! They are both awesome and we had a great few days - it was definitely lively! :D

Myself and Joe spent the day yapping away by the pool and eating sandwiches. I'm always astounded and impressed by where other travellers have been and especially when they are so young. I think Joe was only 24 or something yet had already trundled around Burma, Thailand and was planning to go to the Lebannon next. No Fear these young wans! Joe was studying politics and law in Asian and African countries. The brains on these young people!

I found the hotel staff in the swimming pool hotel a bit odd and a bit starey so I decided to make the move to Joe's hotel the next day. We went to his place so I could check it out and to have a rum on the rooftop. His gaf was a bit of a walk behind the main streets, but it was so lovely with rugs, big old doors and locks, what seemed like a living room in my room, a nice bathroom and the staff were really nice! And it was a lot cheaper than my hotel and sans weirdos. Nice.


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