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Rafting class 4+ rapids on the Bhote Kosi River.


overcast 27 °C

So obviously the next morning, it's difficult to get Bren out of the bed. Myself and Craig were knockin on his door for 15 minutes, til we realised his door was unlocked. We peeped in and he was passed out on the bed. Obviously he was delighted to see the two of us at the end of his bed at 5.45am! :D He got his shit together quickly and the three of us headed to the meeting point for The Last Resort. We piled onto the bus and met 2 Canadian dudes, both volunteering in Nepal, both from the same place in Canada but didn't know each other before the trip! Anywho, they were rambling aloud and we joined in the convo. They were Noam and Spencer. Noam, small, dark and funny - 24 going on 50 with a great selection of odd words and phrases...e.g ''abrasions''... ''very well then'' :D Spencer was the opposite - tall, fair, blonde and with a great booming voice. Both great lads, fun and funny. We also had 2 German boys on the bus but they didn't chat to us, and 1 Ruskie - Alex - a Russian dude from Chicago.

We stopped the bus at a Last Resort joint and had a yap and a cuppa tea. Then on we went to the put-in point for the rafting. Today's rafting would be class 4 + rapids, so bouncy enough! All of us got to go in the same raft, which was super cool. Bren and Spence, being the big lads, were put in the front of the raft, while myself and Noam were popped in the back. We had an awesome guide named Chris who put us through our paces practising. He'd shout directions and instructions at us and we'd jump to it! Literally!
''Forward! Forward Faster! Back Paddle. Left Side Jump Right! GET DOWN'' etc. He showed us how to hold the oars so we wouldn't lose them and told us what to do if we fell out.
So armed with all these instructions and information, we set off. It was great craic. The first bit of the river wasn't too bumpy, although we still plunged down rapids and paddled furiously over and around giant rocks and got soaked. There was also a bit of floating down certain calmer bits of the river, which enabled us to have a look around and take in the awesome scenery. There was one rapid that we couldn't do as it was too dangerous, so we had to get out and walk for that one.

When we got back into the boat, everything had gone up a notch. It was a much bumpier ride and we were Left-side-jumping and getting-down a lot more often. At one point, the raft got stuck on a giant rock and we all had to jump left to try and jiggle it free, but I kept sliding down between Noam's legs. It was so funny and to be honest a lil scary mary.

Just before we reached the end, we went over a big rapid and bounced all over the place and lost one of our crew. Alex the Ruskie, boinged out of the raft and into the water. There followed a few hairy moments as we tried to get him back into the boat. Once we spotted him in the water, we back paddled furiously to allow our guide to pull him in towards the boat. Alex was a bit bigger than the guide so it took a bit of doing. Chris got him onto the side of the boat and Alex clung onto the rope with most of his body still in the water. Meanwhile, we were moving fast and furiously through big rapids and choppy waters. Chris yelled at us to get down and we ducked for cover, with Alex still clinging on tightly, as the boat bumped its way downriver. Then we got stuck on another rock and we were all jumping left and right like mad trying to get Alex back into the boat! Chris nearly got him in, but with the speed the boat was moving, and Alex's large frame, it was very difficult for Chris to get him right in. Chris just about had Alex in the boat and myself and Noam grabbed Alex too and hauled him in completely. As Alex was being dragged under by the current during the action, his underpants had come down and his big white bottom was mooning the other 2 boats that were rafting behind us. Alex looked terrified but said he was ok. Chris said the currents under the boat were really dragging Alex underneath and it could have been very dangerous for him to go under. Alex seemed more embarrassed about mooning everyone!

A few minutes later, we pulled over and realised we were at the end point. Once we confirmed that Alex was ok, it was then safe to laugh at the few minutes of arse action! It was so funny! But again, it was a bit of a hairy moment! (boom). Alex could have been swept off or under the raft. Bren managed to get a busted lip during the rescue op and I got a paddle in the face. We all paddled high 5 and then got out of the boat to get changed. At this stage now, were are cracking up (boom) over the whole incident. Poor Alex has taken it all in his stride though and was having a good laugh about it as well.

After a delicious lunch of spaghetti, veg and coleslaw, we hopped back on the bus to be brought to our place of rest for the evening - the lovely picturesque tented lodge - The Last Resort. To get there we had to drive for 30 minutes on the worst road in the world and then walk across a giant 160m high bungee bridge that hovered over a ginormous gorge and river below.


Arrgh, it was so high up! Anyway the boss of the last resort, Patrick O'Keefe was with us and he said he actually built that bridge. It was used to transport all the rocks and materials to build The Last Resort Lodge. The lodge was a cool joint with tented accommodation, a lovely big dining hall nestled into some lush surroundings, a nicely stocked bar, a plunge pool, sauna, massage room and hot showers. At the lodge, you could choose to do a bungee jump, the world's highest canyon swing, raft the class 4 rapids, canyon down waterfalls or just chill out for a few days in a hammock.

It was a fab place and we would have liked to have stayed on a bit longer but it was 45 euro a night so I knew I could only afford 1 night before heading back to Hotel Potato!
Anywho I dumped my stuff in my tent and went to the bar area to have a DELICIOUS wine and play solitaire with my deck of cards. Bren soon came along and we played a few games of poker. Then the rest of the lads came along and we all had a few drinks and the craic.


The boss Pat joined us and told us some of his epic tales of how he had been an Olympic horse jumper in the 80's and had a few more interesting projects before finding success with The Last Resort. He also ran a business in Japan with his wife. Great day and great night! :)

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Canyoning down Waterfalls on the side of a mountain

sunny 29 °C

Next day we were like 6 boobheads trying to get ourselves together for canyoning. As soon as 4 of us were ready to go, 2 others would have disappeared. SIGH. Eventually we all donned our very unflattering Star Trek wetsuits, harnesses and helmets and hiked up the terraced fields to the put-in point for canyoning. We were only doing 1 day of canyoning so our day would mostly consist of abseiling down wet slippery rocks, under waterfalls, and sliding into river pools - apparently the second day of canyoning would have contained a lot more jumping off 50 metre high waterfalls! So at the top our guide started giving us the rules and instructions etc on how to canyon/abseil. You let some rope through your hand, lean your body back, then move your feet. Alex wasn't paying attention to any of this information as he was taking a picture of a spider. I wandered if it would be him again today who had an accident!

So off we went down the side of a mountain, abseiling away. It wasn't difficult but it was fierce slippy on the slimy rocks and I had a bit of a dangle here and there when I lost my footing. Bren seemed to be a natural at it. Poor auld Craig looked terrified and spent a good bit of time sliding down rocks on his knees! :D Alex luckily seemed grand. Spence was slow but steady and Noam seemed his usual cool as a cucumber self. It was very pleasant good exercise. It was a bit scary every now and then but more ''woah'' then ''ARRRGH''. It was also tough on the auld hands and arms though and my arms started to get very heavy and sore. There were 7 waterfalls to asbseil down. The 3rd one was the best - we had to go through a tunnel and under the waterfall. The rushing cold water beating down on my head threw me off a bit. My feet slipped and I slid around on my knees for a minute or 2 but forced myself to concentrate and mosied on. I could see a rainbow when I was under the waterfall - hella cool!!

From our viewpoints at the top of the waterfalls, we could see people doing the bungee jump and canyon swing off the bridge. Noam had decided to do the World's Highest Canyon Swing - which is basically like a bungee jump but you're attached at your waist, instead of your feet. You jump off the bridge at the same height but you jump feet first, as opposed to head first! This appealed to me as I felt there would be less chance of detached retinas if I wasn't jumping upside down off a 160m high bridge. I had agreed to do the canyon swing the night before, after a few drinks, but I was having an auld doubt or two as to whether I could muster up the courage to do it.

But anyways, we abseiled down another 4 waterfalls - the last one was 45 metres high! EEk! But no one fell off or did themselves an injury. The canyoning was fun, but I preferred the rafting to be honest. My arms were bollixed after abseiling and there was a lot of waiting around between waterfalls. Still it was a grand way to spend a morning. After a shower and lunch, it was Canyon Swing Time. I decided FECK IT, let's just do it, and I went and paid for it. No going back now! :D

Alex broke out a bottle of rum and treated us all to shots of it before the big off. Then a few minutes later, a guy came round to get myself and Noam and off we went. The rest of the lads went to the viewing area to watch and myself and Noam took to the bridge. I. Was. Terrified. The guy came along to harness us both up and explained to us what we had to do.
''holdontotherop, jumpfeetfirst,thenletgooftheropewhenyougetswinging,lookforanotherrope,grabthat,pullitandpullyourselftowardstheblueladderoverthere''..
ehhhhh.. WHAT?

So I went first anyways - I was so nervous, my arms and hands had frozen with fear. I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold onto the feckin rope at all. So I went under the barrier and shuffled forward ever so slowly to the edge. ARRRRRRRRRRGH IT WAS SO HIGH UP. I was breathing hard trying not to get too panicy, but there was no time to panic. Yer man goes ''3,2,1 jump'' and I jumped off. It was so weird and the air was rushing into my face. I'm pretty sure I mumbled something like ''wohoohaah..ddrardgg'' as I jumped. When it got to the swingy bit, it was awesome. I swung and bobbed around for a few minutes, then slowed down and dangled over the rushing water below. My arms still weren't working properly and I had the shakes, so couldn't grab the tether rope to pull myself in. My hands were actually frozen with fear. LOL. The dude at the side of the river took over and pulled me in to the ladder. The swing itself was ace - my only gripe was it was that it was too short. We hardly had time to register the freefall. But it was still awesome. The sheer terror I felt on the bridge made it amazing.

Noam jumped after me - he was as cool as a cucumber. Not a bother on him - he really enjoyed it too but agreed it was too short and over in no time.
We high 5'd and trekked back up the mountain for half an hour to get back to the lodge for a celebratory shot and beer. The lads had taken some cool photos for us and after our post mortem of the events of the day, all too soon it was time to get back on the bus to Kathmandu. :(


The bus took yonks to get back but once we were in K we all went straight to the Electric Pagoda for dinner and drinks, then back to the 5 Beeya rooftop for a few tipples. :D

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