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Travelled 21 hours to spend 24 hours in Mysore, then 21 hours back again..

sunny 37 °C

Arrived in Mysore station where we were brought to this shithole for breakfast. It had no food, no light in the jaxx, the fridge didn't work and talking to the waiters was like talking to that Spanish fellow from Fawlty Towers. It was hilarious. Dunno why we were brought there, when there were 3 much nicer joints downstairs. Kickbacks and all that I suspect.

Today was my day to get the single room. WOOOHOO. I don't mind sharing, but it's nice to be able to get into a room and explode your bag of stuff all over the place without worrying about getting your stuff in your roommate's face. As if getting a single room wasn't enough awesomenes, Mysore seems to be actually a bit less humid than Kochi or Kerala. Thanks be to jaysus. The jungle heat in Kerala was killing me and I was having doubts about being able to survive another 2 months of that type of heat. Today I was obviously hot but my clothes were dry. It was bliss. :)
Since I was on a roll, I broke my vegetarian streak and opted for a chicken sandwich. wooooooo. Alas I got a chicken curry sandwich (lol) but it was still delicious. C'est la vie! I squirted tomato ketchup on it, in true Irish style, and got on with the eating. It was another dry day in Mysore as the local elections were on, so all those who usually ran bars, were out counting votes.

After lunch we went to see the most awesomest palace ever. It was incredible. Charles got us a local guide and we were brought in through copious amounts of security barriers and screening into the Maharaja's palace which was really a joyous occasion. The inside of it was gorgeous; beautiful handmade tiles, rosewood doors with ivory inlays, beautifully painted ceilings, carved wooden and silver doors, mosaic floors, paintings that follow you where-ever you walk. Really beautiful! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside and we only got 10 mins to take pictures outside as the palace was shutting. Our guide was a good laugh though and although it was a bit of a trek to get to Mysore, the palace was pretty awesome.

Later on Charles brought us for street food and some beers in another darkened, air conditioned bar. The waiters were a hoot. They had no idea what was going on. I swear when hotel staff see a group coming in, they just grab a few lads from the street and stick shirts on them and put them behind the bar. Firstly they didn't have the key for the liquor cabinet. :D Then they handed us the beers with the caps still on. One of them goes to Kay - 'would you like me to open it madam?'. ahahhahaaaa - ah no, no, sure she'll be grand smashing the neck off the wall there. great craic. 8)

Went to bed a bit late considering I have to get up at 4.40am for the Tiger Sanctuary trip. Well I should have been up, but I didn't hear my alarm and woke up to the sound of the hotel room phone ringing at 5.05. oops! Legged it downstairs to the lads who were waiting for me in the jeep, mumbled my apologies and we were off on the road to the Bandipur Tiger sanctuary - EXCITEMENT!

We had a quick hour and a half jaunt to the reserve, whereupon we jumped on a Cantera (some type of bus) and headed off into the wilderness. We saw some beautiful peacocks, elephants, deers, rabbits, birds and other bits and bobs, but no tigers. :( I kinda got the feeling that we wouldn't see anyway as it was very hot and the water hole had dried up. I think the tigers had moved on to wetter territories nearby.

After the tiger sanctuary journey, we got back to the hotel and pretty much had to be on our way again back to Bangalore so we could head on to Hampi. At this stage I can't remember how on earth we got to Hampi. Pretty sure it was another overnight train!


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