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sunny 35 °C

So we got the heck out of Chennai first thing this morning. Jumped in our bus and took a nice detour down by Marina beach. This is where we were yesterday - this beach got devastated in the 2004 Tsunami and there were a lot of fatalities.

Got mega sun burn on my neck yesterday, despite factor 50 so was all wrapped up today and roasting!
We drove on down through the fish market and annoyed the locals by hanging out the window and taking pictures.
We stopped at St Thomas' Church for a bit of an auld pray. Apparently St Thomas ( one of Jesus' apostles) is buried under the church! (Carol tell Nana I was here please (brownie points for going to mass on holidays) ;) ) We went in and i was surprised to see that Jesus was a white guy with a beard down here. And the priest had a rich glorious voice.

On we went down the East Coast road, which was parallel to the coast. Apparently if you want to buy a gaf on this street, you'll be paying LA Prices! We arrived at our basic hotel (clean and had a fan and a toilet) at about midday and off we went with Charles to look at some temples and a giant boulder that everyone was pretending to hold up for their facebook pictures. The Indians are mad into their photos. Everyone has phones and cameras.. There was some ace stone carvings and we got a good few pics. Then off we went for lunch at moonrakers, where Bill tried to scare me with a giant live crab. I nearly had a hooly. My lunch was a vegetable coconut curry with rice. it was nom.

After lunch we all rented bicycles and cycled off to the next two sights - the 5 Raithas and Shore Temple. The bikes were totally brilliant. they had bells and were proper oldskool. We hit the streets with a vengence like 12 eejits, getting our revenge on the honkers of India, by dingalinging our way through the streets! I'd say the locals were laughing their chops off at the state of us. This bike ride was the highlight of my trip so far. it was great craic.

The 5 Raithas were pretty cool. Apparently all 5 monuments were carved out of the one giant stone. Impressive! Clara doubted the originality and authenticity of this structure and we had to call in the geological expert who said they were indeed 'the real deal'.

Back on the bikes and off to the Shore Temple, which surprisingly was beside the shore. The waves were crashing down, the heat was abating, the temple was pretty cool and we had a generally fab evening.

For dinner we ate in a restaurant across the road from the one we had lunch in. Lollingly, it was not the competition as it was the same menu and the same waiter was running too and fro across the road taking orders. he he. So I had an egg curry with some layered bread and we were pretty much all in bed by 10. 30!

ta ra for now. x

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