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Pushkar - part 2

I had booked myself in to make some silver jewellery with a nice silversmith chap called Guru, so Joe came along to watch and maybe make something himself. Guru was a sound fellow and showed us plenty of fancy stones and lots of lovely rings, earrings, necklaces etc that we could make with him. I decided to make a reticulated silver ring, which involved me cutting silver, burning it with a blow torch, cooling it, burning it, poking holes in it with a tweezers and fluffing it up around the edges, oxidising it and then melting copper on to it, before moulding it into a ring shape. Although it looks like something you'd find in a dumpster, or perhaps that a child had made, I still like it. It's pretty cool and definitely different. :D I know my hands look like they need a scrub, but it's actually the end of the Henna tattoo I had.


Afterwards we walked along the ghats and took in the sights. Met a guy called Ramu who tried to sell us grass and camel rides. And camel rides on grass! :) We walked on! :)
Joe had watched my silver making genius in action and then decided to return to Guru the following day and make a ring of his own. It was super. After another afternoon of silvermaking we went back to our hotel rooftop and met up with a lovely young lady called Jenna, from the UK. The 3 of us stayed on our rooftop all day chatting away. Unfortunately during this time, I got a text from my dad to say Johnny - my awesomest guinea pig, had passed away. I was quite upset as I had only been talking about him and showng Joe pictures of him earlier that morning. Gutted! I had really hoped he would have been there to welcome me home in July. :( But he had a great life and lived to a ripe old age of nearly 5. My folks let him have the run of the place in Milltown and he was having great fun nibbling Mick's newspaper and watching Midsomer Murders. RIP Johnny.


I composed myself and we all swapped pet stories on the roof and then decided to get a 'special' lassi in his honour. Weird how special lassis are on the menus everywhere here, but booze and eggs are verboten! :)


Anyways we sipped our disgusting special lassis slowly as they were too vile to knock back. They tasted like grass. However we got a right good buzz off them and spent the evening laughing our heads off. I developed a ten second memory and couldn't remember the end of my sentences or stories as I was still telling them. Ended up tellin the lads a lot of the start of various stories and not being able to finish them! Great craic!
On our way back from walking Jenna back to her hotel, a big pack of wild barking dogs ran at me and Joe in the street! We didn't know what to do and basically froze to the spot... You do not want to get bitten or scratched by a dog in India! They are filthy, flearidden and viscious. eeeek. We were freaked out but as we stood there wondering what the hell to do, the dogs ran straight by us at another stray dog behind us! :D Phewf! That would have been freaky without the effects of a special lassi nevermind with it! then I tried to walk into someone elses gaff thinking it was our hotel. Joe was like -''eh where are ye going''. hhahahhahahahah. Luckily we made it back to our REAL Hotel safely a few minutes later. :D

The next day the 3 of us met up for a sneaky illegal eggy breakfast (breakin all the rules in Pushkar) and then met another young gal, a Canadian named Cathy who wanted to try a special lassi. Soooo off we went again for more food and another hit of the good stuff, but this time we got a juice - which was much nicer if a little aluminous. Quite like a mojito. It wasn't very strong but young Cathy seemed to be quite spaced out by it and asked the waiter what was ''hummus chips & pita salad''. hahhahahahah..

Cathy: 'what is hummus chips and pita salad?''
Waiter: ''hummus? sauce. Chips? eh chips. Pita? pita bread and salad..ehhh salad.'' And he looked at us as if we were all retarded. :D

I was lolling away. Turns out there had not been a comma after the hummus and Cathy had thought he was selling hummus chips. Doesn't seem quite as amusing now, but at the time we were in tears laughing at her spaced face and the look the waiter was giving us. Fun times! I also saw a monkey in the tree nearby but no one else could see it for ages, so naturally I thought I was going bonkers. Until finally 20 minutes later, Jenna saw it too.
On tonight's walk home, a cow ran towards us and we came across a group of kids, aged about 1 to 4, who were gulping mouthfuls of PETROL from a can and then spitting it out onto rubbish that was on fire! WTF?? It was pretty surreal. We didn't know whether we should try to take the petrol off them or run away in case they hated tourists! :0 Another weird evening in India.

Our next day in Pushkar, we went back to the mad restaurant from earlier's tale (see Pushkar part 1) for a few rums. The mental dude recognised me as I came in and high 5'd me so I thought everything was hunky dory. Then as we sat down and were sipping our mugs of rum, he joined us and started to tell the story of this group who were in his place the other night, and how they were drinking, having fun, and then one guy started a fight with him. WTF?? That was the night I was there!! I was thinking to myself - is this for real? Is he telling the story about the night I was there, to me? I thought he had recognised me! :D LOL. Anywho, turns out his version of events was a little different! He told us that Timmy had told him to go F himself! :D LOL. I was trying not to laugh my head off as he told it but I was still a bit freaked out and was wondering if he was waiting for me to pipe up and say I was there? Or did he geniunely not recognise me from that night! (we all look alike apparently. And also I look like Angela Lansbury (my phone cover) ) Then he said that some of them hadn't paid him for their rum, so I stayed quiet! I had paid for my rum!! Turns out Marion had left her ipod there too, and he was yapping on about how he now had a free ipod... I could'nt quite pipe up then either as it would have looked like I wanted a free ipod, and then I'd have to pay up for those who had neglected to pay for their rum! I told the lads to drink up and we got the hell outta there. I asked Tommy 2 to go in and get the ipod for me the next day as we hung out by the pool. He said he would pick it up later.

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