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Udaipur - part 4

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So yesterday I went up to see the city in a cable car and got a henna tattoo, then met the NZ ladies later that night to watch Octopussy (my third attempt). However the restaurant was showing Marigold hotel again. LOL. Good day all the same and great chats with the NZ ladies.


So today I went horse riding. Some nut job on a motor cycle arrived at my hotel, said ''horse riding lisa'' and then off we went on the back of his motorcycle into the countryside. It was one of those moments when I thought to myself 'i wonder is this safe, heading off into the countryside on a motor bike with some dude'.. but the motor cycle ride was cool and we were passing signs that said ''Krishna Ranch'', which was were I was supposed to be heading.

So got to the ranch and once again, I was the only tourist in town. LOLZ. So yer man saddled up the horses and off me and my nut job of a guide went horse riding around Pushkar. We trotted through small villages and past lovely fields full of corn, aubergine, rice etc. Everyone was shouting hullo and waving and it was all lovely and peaceful.
Then I got chased up the road by some buffalo which was hilarious. Turns out buffalo don't like horses. I had no control over my horse and was just being bopped up and down by her as she did what she wanted. She seemed to know what she was doing - e.g when to run up a hill without warning, when to run away from buffalo without warning, and when to run down the road without warning. SO I just clung on and lolled my head off. Everytime I asked my guide any questions, he'd reply to me but face forward, so I couldn't hear a word he said. Then he'd turn back around to me and say 'you understand?'.. I was like.. 'eh yeah yeah great stuff'.. hahahhaha

After the ride, it was me, myself and I only for lunch as there were no other foreigners around. His wife had whipped up a feast for about 20 people!! I ate as much as I could muster so as not to seem ungreatful and then tried to keep it down on the jostly but scenic motorbike ride back to the town.

All in all, horse riding was hilarious fun but probably would have been better craic with a few more people at it. :D


So after horse riding, I went to see the NZ ladies. We were all due to go to Jodhpur on the bus, but alas, they too had been struck down by illness and spent the night vomiting. So I bought them some fizzy pop and crisps and headed off to the bus station on my todd!

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