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GoAn ourra dat

The end of the trip! Simultaneously exciting yet tinged with sadness..

sunny 36 °C

Well on the way to the hotel in Goa, Charlie Charles Charles told us we'd been upgraded to a 4 star hotel. ANd I got a single room. Oh Joyous Day!
The hotel was fab and it had a pool. I got into my room and scrubbed the two weeks of Indian dirt off me and headed down to the pool to get langered with Clara, Charles and Corey. Clara and Charles are picking up the Irish slang nicely, so they are so they are. WILL YA!? etc..
2 English lads at the pool put on their Best of U2 album for me (lol) and we stayed by the pool all day swigging beer and swimming and sunbathing. God it was great. Trundling around is fun, but a day at the pool after 2 weeks of hectic travelling was fantastic. We lived it right up that day.

Later we went for dinner on Baja beach and then a few of us went out and got hammered in the local bars. Great craic til the next morning when I had the worst hangover in ages. Thanks be to jaysus I hadn't been getting drunk all the way through the trip. Sore head ahoy.

The next morning, waved good bye to the lovely Clara and Emily, texted Kay - who was living it up in the Hilton before her flight home, and hit the road to Palolem beach with John and Corey for a few days of beach, beer and bliss. Excited to have a bit of independent travel and time off from the hecticness. Sad to say goodbye to the gang as they were all lovely and great fun. Also a bit nervous about heading off on my own. xx



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Goa part 3

Ciao for now Goa - see you when I'm in my late 60s, Shirley Valentine Schtyle..

sunny 34 °C

Had a bit of a headache the next day so found John and went to Cuba for a curer and some more chilling.

Later, myself and Corey decided to go see sunset on Monkey BEach, which was right at the end of our beach and across a bit of the sea. You have to swim across to the next part of the beach to reach Jo Jo's environmentally friendly beach resort. (aka more shackS).
So off we went. The water was only waist high on Corey but I had to doggy paddle across. haha. STraight out of the shower and into the sea with all my clothes on. lol. Had to hand my bag with my camera in it to Corey so it didn't fall in. arrggh. Great craic. Once we got through the water, there was another load of rocks and bits n bobs to climb over, but the sunset we saw made the wet pants totally worth it! It was spectacular. Red purple and orange amazingness. We had a quick tipple watching it set, sitting on this lovely stone wall specially built for watching sun rise and sun set. Jo Jo's gaf was all eco friendly and he was quite chuffed with himself to tell us it was solar powered and the floor was made of mud and cow shit! :) We had to swim back before it got too dark so didn't get to stay as long as we wanted but it was awesome.

Met John for some grub at the nest and we had a couple of drinks. I decided not to drink too much as I was heading off on my own the next day to Mumbai and I didn't want to have the fear whilst travelling on my todd.
Yeah Right.
Cut to 3 hours later, Lisa and John drinking our heads off with a load of local lads, a Swedish dude and his friend Tina Arena with a wonky eye. The tanned old bird from There's Something About Mary was also there. It was a howl. The Swede tricked the Indians with some bar trick, then John tried to teach the lads (who were getting drunker and drunker)a few bar tricks himself. The lads were langered and couldn't get it right at all. MEanwhile I'm banging out the choons on the sound system at the bar. Think I even played one from Take That's Ultimate Collection.

So obviously I am dying the next morning and I had an iffy stomach, the fear of bejaysus and the sweats. On top of that I had to get my stuff together and get ready to face my first sleeper train on my todd. My train place hadn't been confirmed so I didn't even know if I could go yet

can't take any more of this keyboard.. later.

and continue:

so I had the fear anyways but got myself together and got ready to face my first overnight sleeper train on my own. I joined the lads at the nest for a curer and to say my goodbyes, had some food and set off on my way. At the train station, met two young ladies from Engerland who I yapped to for a while. They were lovely and seemed very together and intelligent - chatting about art and issues. They made me feel like the right young wan of the group! Unfortunately they were in another carriage to me so I had to bunk in a carriage with a lovely family. BUT, they got off at the next stop and this other mad family got on, lovely wife, lovely kids - we spent time looking at pictures and singing Twinkle Twinkle little star! But they had a weirdo dad. Burped, coughed and snored allllll night. I got bog all sleep. The next day he wanted photos with me and was asking his wife to take them - it was weird! I smiled for a photo, then legged it into the next carriage and on to Mumbai!

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