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Delhi part 2

Meeting the G Gang

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Our next tour group was led by a Dushyant, a very handsome, tall young Indian male model wearing Jodhpurs!

Also on the trip were Jennifer and Steve - recently married.

Hannah - 32, UK, getting married, moving house and doing her trip of a lifetime all in the same few months! :0

Sam, 23 from oz - very brainy and bubbly Ozzie nurse out for 4 months travelling.

Lindsey, gorgeous 23 year old from Canada. Lindsey is awesome - a bubblier, more positive person I've never met! (Reminds me of miss Donna Hayes!) Lindsey is out travelling for a year.

Nick 29, hilarious young fellow from Norwich. Lives in London and works in politics, making policies.

Next up Hugh & Stan, father and son fom Satchakewan (or something) in Canada. Sean is also a male model and is quite excited about the Buddhism part of our trip as he would like to become a Buddhist. Hugh is an accountant and is showing his son a bit of the world during this bonding session.

Jeff and Maree, who you know from Udaipur. Great fun Ozzie couple, super fun and a great laugh.

Sandra, 39, Texas - lovely bubbly American. Owns a gun and not afraid to use it! ;) Immersing herself in Indian culture and pretty much up for anything.

Alison from Cambridge. Very nice gal on her hols from work and out to see some of India.

Joe, mad yoke from the Phillippines. :)

Kat, 27, Munich - my awesome roomie who is great fun and has superb English. Got along great with Kat! A better roommate I could not have asked for. :)

And Me! Irish, talks too fast and has been extremely laid back this trip. In fact, I've only gotten irritated or cheesed off twice in the past 9 weeks. Score!

So we had our intro meeting and then Dushyant brought us to a Sikh Temple where we volunteered in the kitchen rolling some Chapatis. These chapatis were less than perfect but were accepted with gusto none the less. Apparently the rounder your chappati, the better husband you'll get. uh oh.

The Sikh temple gives out free meals to anyone of any race, religion, caste or creed, 3 times a day, every day of the year! (If ye'd any sense you'd build a house nearby to avail of these free meals, but that's not altogether in the right spirit of humanity!) All the food is donated and all the people working in the Temple are volunteering. It was very inspiring!


Our dinner was a delicious thali and afterwards we went and sat in the temple and listened to the service for a while.

Later we were brought to the Gateway of India (closed at night) and off to Connaught Place for a wander around. Great day and Great new people! :)

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