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Off on the road again..

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So it was off to the airport again for round 2 of my attempt to fly to Beijing. This time it worked! Got on a plane that unexpectedly stopped off at Lhasa in Tibet without letting us know. The scenery from the air as we flew put of Kathmandu and over the Himalayas was spectacular. I wasn't in a window seat (doh! as I thought the flight was going to be trunty hours long) so could only peep over other people's shoulders, but what I could see was so clear it was amazing and so beautiful.
Couldn't take any pictures but took a picture from Lhasa airport! :D

At customs in Lhasa, the security dude took an almighty interest in my books. In particular, my Michael Palin - Himalayas book. I thought he was just interested, until he started copying down my passport details onto the front pages of the book.
"Weird", I thought.
"Hope I get to keep it now that he's put all that fancy writing on it!"
But alas I could not.
He pointed to a picture in the book, the one with MIchael Palin arm in arm with the Dalai Lama and said "Dalai Lama - no!!" and waggled his finger at me!
"Oh ok"says I.
Lol. Dammit.
Although to be fair, I was finding that difficult to read anyway with all it's descriptions of places. And I kept pressing on the words I didn't understand hoping for the dictionary meaning to pop up, only then to remember that this was actually a real book and not in fact my intelligent Kindle Fire. ;)

So the second flight was 2 hours with a stopover in Chengdu aka Pandaland for another 4 hours.
I tried to order noodles in two restaurants in the airport, but the staff just fell about laughing at me so I gave up, feeling sheepish and like a big eejit.


Third flight of the day had a fat man snoring beside me. Booo - shut up you twat! So after a delicious ass sandwich, (seriously, the other guy beside me said it looked like donkey) we arrived into Beijing at about 1:30 am. By the time I got my bag and a second taxi, (the first taxi driver just shrugged at me and waved me away and took another passenger), it was about 2.30 am.

The second taxi driver seemed to know where I was going, from my written Chinese scribbles, but when we were on the road, he rang the hostel to find out the proper address, then demanded more money off me. Arghhh. Git.
There is something comfortably familiar to once again confirm the fact that taxi drivers the world over are complete assholes. Obviously I had to agree to give more money to avoid being dumped out on the highway at 2 in the morning.

So anyways he ditched me at the end of this dark alleyway and gestured down it, shouting something at me, before he buggered off with his cash. So I mosied down the alleyway tentatively, following the email directions for the hostel on my phone. The directions say to "enter at the two wooden red doors with red lanterns outside".
Every second door was red with lanterns outside.
So I came across 2 red doors with red lanterns outside, but the place was in complete darkness. I gently pushed the door open and snuck in. (Dunno why I was sneaking, I would eventually have to wake someone up to get in!!)
I had to turn on my torch to see properly. I surveyed the joint CSI style and was mighty disappointed, I hoped to God/Buddha that it wasn't my hostel. It was a junk yard. A dog started barking his head off and I hot-footed it out of there and back into the alleyway.
That couldn't have been it.
I realised then that the 2 doors were actually iron and not wood so it probably wasn't it. But where the hell was my hostel!? I tried to ring the hostel, but my phone won't ring out in Asia for some reason. So I stood there in the dark alleyway looking up and down and wondering what the feck to do.
I also thought it would probably be quite funny tomorrow -me sneaking into people's houses in the dead of night. So I decided to continue on further down the alleyway and lo and behold, a few minutes later, I stumbled upon 2 wooden doors with lanterns outside and with the words "BACKPACKER HOSTEL" written on them in big white writing. :D hee hee.

I dinged the bell and was admitted to the cutest indoor courtyard with cobbled stones, lovely long wooden tables, a pond with goldfish in it and lovely red lanterns dangling down from the incredibly high ceiling. :)


I was shown to my 8 bed mixed dorm (2 adjoining rooms with 2 sets of bunk beds in each) and dumped my stuff on a bed. There were obviously people in the other room but they were more than likely out drinking. My bed was comfy and I read some of my Arnold Schwarzenegger book for a while. Up until that moment today, I'd just wanted to return to Kathmandu and my chums in the hotel potato, but my bed was so cosy and the hostel so cute, that I thought maybe, juusssssst maybe, everything would be alright... ;)

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