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Udaipur part 1

not Used Diaper

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So on the plane I was sat next to this French girl and we yapped away.
She had a great life story and spent years living in Ghana, Eygpt, Dubai, GALWAY and somewhere else. She had come to India to visit her friend who'd worked with her in Ghana. Her chum had a super cushty job in Mumbai and they spent 1 week partying with the rich and famous there, and another week partying in Goa.
Hence Stephanie now had to fit the sights of Rajhastan into 1 week. he he. My hero!
So she had a driver for the week to cater for her every whim, drop her here, there and everywhere, and buy her smokes in the shop. Neat. Zipping around in an a/c car all week - refreshing!

Anywho, as I'm so awesome, she offered to give me a lift to my hotel in Udaipur, which I greatfully accepted! IT was Holi Festival in India today, which basically means all the Indians were acting like Irish people - getting drunk, singing and dancing. So all the taxi drivers at Udaipur airport seemed pretty langered! So I was delighted to see Stephanie's driver, Ram, was sober, clean shaven, polite and had his shirt tucked into his trousers. (This last fact really set him apart from the others). So we arranged to meet the next morning to utilise her driver to the full! In return, I'd buy her lunch or a boat ride or some such.

My hotel in Udaipur was pretty coool - the view from the roof was AMAZING. I could see the lakes of Udaipur and the glitzy lights of all the hotels on the lake, as well as Jadgish Temple illuminated by the moon. It was really impressive - I thought to myself.. YES INDIA - THIS IS WHAT AM TALKIN BOUT!




Next day, we literally drove around the corner to the temple (which wasn't open yet) so walked to the Palace (Which also wasn't open yet - they don't get up early in India that's for sure). So I showed Stephani the rooftop view from my gaff which was even better in the day time. You can see the mountains, lovely hotels, numerous boats out on the lake - it's my favourite place in India so far.
Finally we went to teh temple, where there were a few auld dears having a bit of a sing song pray. Was yapping to some mad artist outisde who was off to Glasgow next week (YEAH RIGHT! plus lol.. Glasgow is not in Ireland my dear).

Next up was the palace, which eh, we didn't need the car for again as it was right next door to the temple. haha. The palace was pretty awesome - the inside had lots of marbled tiles, beautiful mirrored mosaic tiles, little rooms done up to look how they would have done in the olden days. The Maharaja's room was fierce fancy, although his bed was tinchy - I'd say he was very short. There were weighing scales in his room too - apparently he was weighed every year and his weight in gold was distributed to the people. Tres fancy, but we couldn't take photos as we hadn't paid in for our cameras. (To get your camera in anywhere in India you have to pay 100 rupees for it, sometimes it's more than the cost of a foreignor! It's a bit much to be honest). Anyways we took a few sneaky ones with our iphones. The courtyard outside was lovely aswell.




After the palace Ram the driver brought us to this block printing place where we saw yer man doing some elephant block prints which were cool, and loads of gorgeous fabrics.





Then we went to the market to buy STephani some spices. So there we were minding our own business, when this auld lad with a security officer uniform on comes up behind me and whacks me on the back and started asking me what I wanted in a rather agressive tone!! eh... here's me ''nothing...just buying some spices''... I didn't want to be rude in case he was a real officer but the chilli seller told him to get lost so I felt a bit better knowing he was just another weirdo and that I wasn't under suspicion of chilli theft. He kept poking me and Stephani though so we had to get ruder and shout at him to get lost. STOP POKING US YOU NUT!!

(As I write this two auld lads are slurping chai loudly behind me while one other guy makes duck noises and does impressions of Americans outside the door).

After the market we did a half ass boat ride on the lake. It was only half an hour long and didn't stop at the fancy island in the middle of the lake. I was disappointed as thought we'd get to land on Jagmandir Island - the glitzy one lit up at night.




After this full day of activity (it was only 4.30pm) we dcided to go for beer. Steph asked her driver to drop us off at my rooftop beer garden and come back for her for a few hours. Ram was not really into this request as it meant him waiting about for 3 hours for her, but that was what she was feckin payin him for! He kept telling her to walk home after as it was only five minutes away. But fair play to her she put her foot down and said no, that it would be dark and she didn't know where she was going.

sidenote: (Udaipur and the Lal Ghat area is like a maze anyways and there don't seem to be any city maps available in the whole of India, plus the street names are written in Hindi - I got lost in Udaipur's back streets for an hour and a half whilest there, just trotting in and out of people's homes and back alleyways.)

So poor auld Ram was sent packing while we sipped beer on the rooftop, watching the sunset and generally yapping away like old chums. (I really hit the jackpot with chums in Udaipur - 5/5 for awesome people!)





AFter beers I was sad to have to say Au Revor to Stephani, she made an awesome travel buddy and had a right good attitude! But she had a tight schedule, weaker lungs and a much bigger budget than me so I bid her Safe onward travels.

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From Jaisalmer to Pushkar

sunny 34 °C

So we had a day in Jaisalmer before the night train to Jodhpur. Cecil took himself off for the day (wherever he goes) and myself and Marion explored the fort for a while and did a bit of shopping. Later we went for a lovely dinner with Timmy and had a great auld chit chat about life, love and travels. (We had to get a tuk tuk to the dinner! ;) )
We got back to our hotel in time to get our bags and be ready for our tuk tuk to the train station for my 7th overnight sleeper train in India!! So Cecil appears in the hotel, all clean with new clothes and a new haircut. He looked pretty normal and with it for a change and said he was gong to take a shower and follow us on to the station. I wrote down the train number and sleeper carriage number and seat numbers for him in his notebook and said we'd see him there.

The manager was not pleased to see us bungle into a tuk tuk without taking Cecil with us, as he was worried Cecil would cause trouble! But we couldn't fit 4 into it with our bags and we were ready and not willing to hang around and risk missing our train! So off we went. So we're on the train and there's no sign of Cecil! The train starts moving and there's still no sign of Cecil. Hmmmm. We began to think he might actually have missed the train!!

Another couple from London were on the two top bunks above us. The dude was really ill and looked terrible! We were chatting away to them telling them of Cecil's adventures and wondering aloud what had happened to him.
Then about 45 mins later, up pops Cecil in a terribbbbble humour, yelling at us that he had told us to wait for him on the platform and he'd been waiting there for 20 mins! When we hadn't shown up (we were on the train!!) he hopped on anyways and had been in a kerfuffle with the train conductor about his ticket ever since (we had it). Then he told us all to go F ourselves! :D I made an exaggerated gasping noise and shocked face and then he said ''not you!''. But he was well peeved.

Eventually he calmed down and we all settled into our bunks. Cecil woke us alll up at 1.30 am looking for a light for his smoke. The cheek! Then when we awoke at 5am to get ready to get off the train, there was no sign of Cecil. We walked up and down the carriage, peeping into people's bunks looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen. After a while, the sick London dude (henry) told us that he had seen our ''mate go that way at about 1.30 or something''. We were all like ''ooooh shitttt...'' thinking he'd gotten off the train for a smoke, and hadn't gotten back on again. We didn't know what to do!! Then sick London guy goes to the loo and comes back very quickly to tell us that our ''mate has passed out on the floor in the jaxx''. AHAHAHHAHAH and yet URRRRRRRRRGHHH those toilets are DISGUSTING and covered in wee and poop. Myself and Timmy started banging on the jaxx door to try wake him up. After about 5 mins ofbanging and shouting, Cecil emerges and says '' uhhhh I just fell asleep on the toilet floor''.. ahahahahahhaha. I was like 'eh sit over there away from me please luv''

So after this, tensions were high in the group, we were all knackered and fairly fed up and getting annoyed with Cecil and his antics. We made our way to the bus station to try and get a bus to Jodhpur, but the bus station was like something out of that Asterix and Obelix movie - there was a lot of running around, instructions in different languages and nothing concrete achieved! Cecil was annoyed at me for not answering his questions ( I DONT KNOW HOW LONG THE FECKIN BUS TAKES WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME??) and decided he wanted to go off by himself and said he'd see us in PushP. I tried so hard not to loll my head off. (Pushp was the name of the guesthouse 2 towns ago. We were off to Pushkar!)
Then just as were were hugging it out and bidding each other adieu, Timmy offers us all a car trip to Pushkar for 750 rupees each. It was expensive and soooo uncomfortable (my head kept hitting the roof and I kept sliding into Marion) but after 6 hours squished together, we were nearly there.
Trying to find the hotel (with a swimming pool) that we'd booked in Pushkar, resulted in another 30 minutes of madness as Cecil shouted at the driver, and Timmy phoned the hotel for directions, while the driver leaned out the window asking every Ram, Miki & Ravi where the hotel was.
Eventually we found it. It had an AWESOME swimming pool and lovely gardens filled with foreigners and monkeys! Myself and Marion were so happy to be our of the car and away from the lads for a short while, when all of a sudden, Cecil decides it's not for him and ups and leaves, so Timmy moves into our room. sighhhhhh.


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