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Goa part 2 - Palolem Beach

Booze, booze and more booze

sunny 37 °C

So we all went out drinking til all hours after the trip ended. It was messy fun, doing shots and makin funny faces with Kay, Charles, Corey, Clara & John. I threw in the towel at about 1.30 or something as I was lamped. Some of the others kept going and Corey was out with Charles til 5am. I got a phone call from Charles at 5 am to say goodbye and I thanked him for being a whopper guide and for all the 'craic'. So obviously I had a whopper hangover the next day. STANDARD.

We were supposed to go and visit Kay in the Hilton for some pool time and free wifi, but Corey and John were going south to Palolem in a taxi so I decided to head with them as I knew Kay was heading back to the UK later in the day, and I didn't fancy travelling on my own later in the day (possibly feeling further hungover). So the three of us got an a/c taxi and had quiet a pleasant jaunt down to Palolem. Corey was continuing his drink fest in the car on the way down - he even offered the driver a beer. Me and John were in the back going ''eh.. no he won't be having a beer!' John was not impressed with Corey gradually getting drunker and drunker, while I was trying not to barf as we sped around the twisty roads of the mountainy bit of Goa.

Once we got to Palolem we went looking at beach huts. I settled for a beach shack up a very dubious ladder. John wasn't well so went next door with the promise of a/c. He got no a/c, no water and mildly eletrocuted by his bathroom. The minute we got out of the cab, Corey dissappeared. We didn't see him til the next day. He had meandered into the Spice of Life joint nearby and got his hut on. Me & John hit the beach and I had a curer. Palolem beach is pretty cool. It has lovely scenery, a nice selection of huts, restaurants, bars, shops, internet etc. The beach huts are dismantled after the busy season each year and put back up again before the start of the new season. Apparently they dismantle them and put each hut into a pack. Interesting. The beach itself isn't that clean though. The Monica in me got grossed the hell out. There were wild dogs everywhere and they were pooping, peeing and puking on the beach. They fought visciously with each other every day, and took it in turns to roll their flea-covered bums on the beach towels that were set out on the ground. Shudder.
John said I was lightskinned. Pffft! Well maybe a bit when it comes to gross dogs and cockroaches... :D Don't think he was too impressed when one of the dogs came up to him and puked at his feet. muhahahahahahah

Anywho we hung out sunbathing then went for dinner and a drink or two on the beach. The food in The Nest was nom so we ate there a few times over the stay. Then as we were having a few drinks, as if to compound the fact that I am indeed lightskinned, a GIANT beetle just wandered by us and then started to fly near me. One of the bar lads caught it and started messin around running up to me with it - arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Cue me freaking out and stumblnig backwards into the bar's beach sign. bwahahahahah. I knocked over the sign and went flying into the pole. It was so funny. However as freaked out as I was by this beatle, twas nothing compared to the feckin ewwwwness I felt at seeing a big cockroach INSIDE my mosquito net in my beach shack when I went home. EWWWWW I am such a girl. I kicked it's ass out the door but then felt like there was stuff crawling on me alnight. I wrapped myself up totally in the sleep sheet and shoved the net aside. So with this and the dogs barking and the crows squawkin on my balcony, I got fudge all sleep. So much for lovely seaside livin!

Next day I got up early to go searching for some new accommodation, wandered near and far and back again. Found a place called Space Garden right behind some of the other huts. There was a fancy garden with lots of lovely tables and huts and a big teepee in the middle of it. Twas hella cool. There were some local lads and an English girl called Sarah sitting in the teepee drinking wine, still going from the night before. (sesssssssshannnnn). One of the lads worked there but he was too busy enjoying himself to get up, so Sarah showed me around (she wasn't even staying there) and sold me one of the huts. haha. was a cool 300 bucks cheaper than Roach Motel and the floor wasn't uneven. Bargain. Sarah reminded me of Cookers a bit, she was tall and bubbly and had a similar accent. The lads were sound and suppper laid back. I was introduced to the boss on the first day and never saw him again.. :D

Showed John the huts as after his mild electrocution, he wanted to move too. I also showed him these amazing huts nearby with 4 poster beds, flat screen tvs, a/c and general jungle feel to them. They were a bit out of my price range though but looked super enticing! John poopoo 'd the fanciest of shmanciest and moved next door. Then headed to the beach for food and drinks. The lads in Cuba know us already due to John's penchant for pina coladas and they had kept us sun beds and everything. I swear i could see the dollar signs in their eyes. ;)

Later we went for some terrible food in Neptune point - the pizza tasted like bleach! John was so annoyed he stropped off, so myself and Corey went and got lamped in the Spice of Life with the local lads. Palolem is pretty quiet at the moment and the locals were on wind down, taking it easy and getting sloshed every night. Happy days!

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Bali - Sanur

BEACHTIME BABY! (well not just yet..)

sunny 30 °C

Welll after all my boasting about heading off to the sunny shores of Bali, I arrived in Denpaser airport to lashing rain. I mean it was bucketing down. My bag got soaked and all the clothes in it were stinkified. (Not that that's anything new!)

Got a taxi from the airport, which took aggggggggggges. The traffic in Bali is terrible! When I thought of coming to Bali, I imagined a beach paradise! I never thought it would have such bad traffic. There were tonnes and tonnes of motorbikes and cars everywhere and it took me well over an hour to get to my hostel in Sanur; a laid back beachy area on the east coast of Bali.

My hostel - the Big Pineapple - was pretty neat. It had a pool in it. (This always attracts me to places, but I rarely get into these fancy pools.. hmmm) There were two nice US ladies in my room and some other heads around the place, but I'd been up for about 30 odd hours at this stage and couldn't be arsed making friends, so just went to bed for a while. :D

Later I had a cheap delicious meal of Nasi Goreng (Fried rice with an egg on top)


and returned to my hostel with a beer in tow, where a big gang of people were just hanging out at the table. I joined them and waffled away for a while and then they said ; ''You wanna come to Kuta for free drinks between 9 and 10pm?''.
So I said; ''yup''.
And off we went.
There was 13 of us altogether. I couldn't tell ya all their names but there was a nice young chap called Craig, an awesome chick called Amy from the UK, an eager Canadian named Colin and some other mad yokes.

We headed to this place called Skygarden in Kuta. It's a big drinking complex made up of about 7 different bar areas. It was awesome. Like a cheap, cheesy Ibiza.
The free drinks room (the free drinks are only in one room for the first hour) had some terribly cheesy music on in it. There was one song that had the lyrics ''SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSSHOTS'' and then ''DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK''..
''Subtle'', I thought to myself... (Ro would have loved this music btw). ;)
Anyways I obeyed the musical instructions and went hell for leather on the free booze. There has been a problem in Bali with Bar operators replacing the alcohol in expensive imported spirits with methanol, but this bar promised that it only used real alcohol. ''Grand job'', says I.
There was even a sign behind the bar that read;
So after skulling our free drinks, we tried out all the other exciting rooms and got more booze and danced our asses off for a few hours. Then someone (a wild German girl). had the bright idea of going to find a beach party nearby, so we all piled into cabs and went in search of this (non-existent) beach party.
Our cab driver asked us if we liked mushroom shakes and then told us he did them everyday, which obviously made us feel extra safe with him bombing down the motorway. (Ah here - drive the cab will ye, ye mad yoke).
So he drove us to where this beach party was supposed to be. There was a beach, but no party. So we ended up walking on a deserted beach in the moonlight getting soaked by the encroaching tide! It was actually pretty awesome, but I don't think any of the other birds were best pleased at having left the party central of Kuta to spend money in a cab and end up on a beach with no party on it.
The tide came in pretty fast, so much so, we had to hotfoot it through this fancy hotel to get back to the main road, whereupon there was a half hour of kerfuffling trying to get a cab back home to Pineapple. :D

Next day was gorgeous (YAHOO!) so went to the beach with my new roomie Vipka. It was BEA YUTIFUL. I went for a wander after the beach and got lost. (STANDARD. I live literally 800metres from the beach - how the hell I got lost, is beyond me). It took me 2 hours to find my hostel. HA! I'd already walked the 4km along the promenade earlier on today so was pretty knackered. When I got back to the hostel, it was like deja vu from last night. Everyone was sitting around the table and preparing to hit Kuta again for the free drinks from 9 - 10pm. I was like - eh no thanks lads.. I'll skip this one. So I hung around the hostel and chatted to Craig and a few heads. I saw Ryan Gosling sitting opposite me at the table too. Standard Saturday night in. :D

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