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There's some Russian dude yapping on Skype beside me, while two UK birds agree on taxi details to the side of me, so I can't really concentrate! The Indian dude who owns the joint has given me a free chai though! :)

So this will be difficult.. Anywho, after a delicious Frappucino in Starbucks, (ahem) i left the lovely (but roasting) Sea Shore Hotel in Mumbai and got a taxi to Dadar for my train to Aurangabad! The train was quite delightful. I had a window seat and really had a pleasant journey listening to my Glastonbury 2011 playlist and doing crosswords. Got to Aurangabad about 8.30 and got a taxi to my hotel, which was actually about 3 mins walk from the train station. lolz . John (of Goa fame) had told me that Corey was in AB at the moment, so I dropped him a text and met up with him for some grub and a catch up and a beer! He'd already been at the Ellora caves and the Ajanta Caves. This is the only reason that anyone would be in Aurangabad - to put it politely, it has not got much to offer the average traveller. Corey had had a party day with Johnboy in Goa and then decided to hit the road and see the caves. He said the Ellora caves were awesome and that if I saw Ellora, I'd have seen the best of both Ellora and Ajanta as Ajanta were simpler caves. As Ajanta was 3 hours drive there and back I decided to do Ellora first and see if I fancied more caves the day after. Plus Ajanta is closed on Mondays! :D

So I enquired with Classic Tours to see if they had any spaces available for the bus trip to Ellora the next day, but to my dismay, they said 'no available'. I took this to mean, the bus was jammers and asked if I could turn up in the morning and see if anyone else doesn't turn up. But he said, 'no madam - there is no people booked for tomorrow and we cannot go with one person'. Basically seems like I'm the only tourist in AB. This was compounded in my mind as I walked back from the agency, when a tuk tuk slowed down while passing me so the lads in the back could take a photo of me. LOL. This photo taking business is getting boring!
Anywho at dinner, Corey said he was rushed through Ellora due to an auld German lady and old man in the car that he went in, so he was up for coming to Ellora again with me. Which was cool!

So off we went in a car with a driver that had absolutely not one sausage of English. It was hard work! We stopped at Daulatabad Fort and climbed up to the top, which took us about an hour. It was an awesome trip to the top with great views and plenty of people asking Corey for pictures instead of me. Corey is blonde and looks a bit like Thor. :D he he. AFter a while, we had to start saying no to photos as we were getting nowhere. That didn't stop people though who just posed near us while their friends sneakily took pictures of us and not the rocks/view. :D

After the Fort we continued on to Ellora. There were 32 caves there, 12 simple Buddhist caves, 16 super duper extra-extravagant Hindu caves and a few Jain caves at the other end. The main Kailesha cave was the most impressive and it really took my breath away. It was all carved down out of one rock!!! It took 7000 people 200 years to build it. (probably not the same 7000 people). Anywho it was amazing.

i'll insert some pics here later.

After a hard days caving, we went for dinner and a beer or two. MEt a German lady with two kids. We had seen her at the caves carrying a backpack and a kid in each arm in the sweltering heat! Impressive. We chatted away and heard that her poor husband had been sick as a dog and was stuck in the hotel room while she had to continue on sightseeing with the kids. Iron lady.

Anywho - said Goodbye to Corey as he was heading to Panaji to meet Johnboy to celebrate Holi festival together.

The next day I posted the tat id bought in Mumbai home. It took an hour and a half to get the parcel ready to post! it had to be packed in a box and sewn up together by a tailor, then sealed with wax seals all over it before it could be posted. Mam - take a picture of it when it arrives! eh I mean, IF it arrives.
After this hectic morning, I had a nap, then hung out in the rooftop restaurant chatting to a lovely couple Lydia and Tim, discussing bathrooms and cleanliness in general.

Got about 2 hours kip as was worrying I wouldn't wake up in time for the train. lol. Anyways got up at 5 and ran down the road to get a train back to Mumbai. Spent the rest of the day in Mumbai airport which was bliss. Air con, toilet roll, soap, magazines, coffee, nobody selling me anything - bliss. ;)

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