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Udaipur - part 2

sunny 33 °C

So the next day I decided to do another boat ride - one that stopped at the fancy island! Plus I love boat rides! This one was much better and stopped at Jagmandir hotel, which was very impressive and tres expensive.










I did bog all after that but read Shantaram on the hotel rooftop in the sun.

Later I decided to go check out the Bond Movie Octopussy at this restaurant Ozen.
(Some of Octopussy was filmed in Udaipur.) This restaurant was awesome, with 4 floors in it, the 4th floor had 1 table outside and a great view of the city. Udaipur from above looks like pieces of lego just higgedly piggedly plopped on top of each other. The winde was in my hair, the view was amazing, the beer was supremely cold, the monkeys were calm beside me and everything was just dandy.



I felt really at ease in Udaipur! After my shit sleeper train from Goa to Mumbai last week, and then all the bad events that have occurred concerning tourists in India the last couple of weeks, I have felt a bit uneasy in my general daily activities of late.
Just that feeling of having to look after yourself, not trust anyone too much, not get into long conversations with young fellows, put your chair against your hotel door at night and a general feeling of having to be wary all the time. It's a bit tiring. But here in Udaipur, I felt grand. Maybe I've gotten into the swing of things, maybe I've gotten a bit tougher, maybe I'm used to the madness, or maybe my great day with Stephanie helped me out somewhat. It was awesome to hang out with someone about my own age, who was hilarious, who I just clicked with and who I had a lot in common with. :)

People said to me before I left, that I would meet LOADS OF PEOPLE in India. Well up til now, that hasn't been necessarily true. I didn't meet a hell of a lot of people down in South India. You do meet a lot of people in the North alright, but they might not speak the same language, might not want to meet other travellers (ruining their experience of 'Real India'), they might be leaving just as you're arriving or arriving just as you're leaving! Or if you do manage to spend a good evening together, then they usually go and get sick for 2 days afterwards and are confined to the potty area. :D

I've met no Irish people at all and most Indians I chat to say they don't get many Irish. They must be all off in Thailand, Oz and London cos there's SFA Irish in India.

Anywho, back to my awesome reverie on the rooftop... As I was pondering how beautiful and awesome Udaipur was and how I was so brave and proud of myself for doing this trip in India, and how I'm not too bothered about sitting up here on my todd, up the stairs comes a lovely couple from Oz.
''Join me for a beer'', I says .
'We will'', they says and up they come. And so began another awesome yet fleeting relationship with two more fantastic people - Jeff and Maree. They were great craic and I felt like I'd known them for yonks. They spoke 90 miles an hour, like meself, and had a great sense of humour and got the general basics of sarcasm and taking the piss. (WAHEY!). So we were chatting away and they mentioned they were herer for Marie's sister in laws wedding in India and Maree had to wear a Sari and Jeff a Turban! Then they said they were joining a trip in Delhi in a couple of weeks!

(Now I don't know if I mentioned that I had booked another trip in this blog yet but I did. When I was in Mumbai, with my general feeling of unease after the sleeper train, and the fact that I was spending my nights in Mumbai in my hotel room on my own with donuts, I had a quick look at more trips online and decided to sign up to a G adventures tour from Delhi to Kathmandu. This trip covered Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, (all the places I didn't particularly want to visit on my own) and continued on up into Nepal afterwards. I booked it pretty much straight away. It would have 15 other people on it aswell and I thought some of those people might be my age/normal/fun/speak english! :D

Doing India on your own as a girl is a bit tough in my own opinion. Many people have expressed surprise when I said I was travelling alone and most blokes said they wouldn't do it as a girl. But they're just pansys. ;) However having done a few weeks without the security blankets that were John and Corey, I kinda knew what they meant. I'm sure it's a lot easier if you're a bloke! But let me say that I am having an awesome time here and although some bits of the stareyness and attention are annoying, most people are just nosey and very friendly! :) I currently love India. )

So back to Jeff and Maree who had mentioned they were starting a trip in Delhi in a few weeks. When they said it was with G Adventures, I gasped! When they said it started on 15th April, I gasped again!! When they said it was Delhi to Kathmandu, I went NO WAY!! ME TOO! Ohh huzzah! There was much joyous rapture at having met some awesome people who I would actually get to spend more time with. :D ( Jeff works for STA travel and was recently awarded 2nd best manager in the WORLD, and MAree quit her job like meself, to go adventuring.)

After much yapping, we decided to watch the movie downstairs - which was actually The Best Exotic MArigold Hotel - some of which was also filmed in Udaipur. They invited me out for Jeff's birthday the next day and well I was delighted!! However, in true India style, they got Delhi Belly and were laid up in bed for the next two days! I haven't seen them since. :D LOLZ

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Namaste India, Namaste!

sunny 36 °C

Well it's time to leave India. I have had the best time in India, it's been colourful, dirty, loud, peaceful, bonkers, religious, full of contradictions, a great laugh and an amazing experience.

I've been boating down the backwaters of Kerala,



yogaing, sunset watching and partying in Goa,




impressed at the architecture



and self sufficient slums in Mumbai,


admiring the astounding caves of Ellora,




biking around the amazing ruins in Hampi,






hill climbing and horse riding in the beautiful countryside in Udaipur,






camel riding in the desert in Jaisalmer,






jewellery making, hill climbing and chilling out by the lake in Pushkar,




and temple/fort and palace watching all over India - the most impressive of these being the Taj of course.









I've met loads of lovely people, made some awesome friends and had an absolutely spectacularly joyous time!

I'm sad to leave but looking forward to a change of pace in Nepal.

Namaste! : )

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Nepal Round up

Time to sayyy goodbyeeee

sunny 30 °C

So Nepal was amazing. The scenery, people and food were all fantastic. I met the most awesome chums and did a load of fun, nailbiting adventurous activities!

We got blessed by a Buddhist monk in Lumbini - the birthplace of the Buddha.



I saw rhinos from the back of an elephant in Chitwan National Park.




Went paragliding beside the Annapurna Range on a spectacularly sunny day in Pokhara.


Did a 6 day yoga trek to Poon Hill with 5 other awesome solo female travellers - Krissy, Beata, Lindsey, Kathy & Zimmy. With mucho trekking and lots of meditation and yoga - this trek was both taxing and relaxing. :)


Saw the most beautiful sunrise over the Himalayas that moved me to tears.


Hung out with the most gorgeous and positive soul, Lindsey in Pokhara for a few weeks.


Met the best bunch of lads - Brendan, Craig, Steafan & Damien in Hotel Potato, Kathmandu for a week of beer, sheesha, laughing, mini golf, gas explosions advoidance and lazing in the park.


Went whitewater rafting down class 4 and 4+ rapids on the Botoe Kosi River with Spence, Noam, Bren, Craig and Alex.

Canyoned and abseiled down beautiful waterfalls and mountains with aforementioned awesome lads.

Scared the shit out of myself by jumping 170 m off a bridge into a giant canyon and river below, while doing the World's Highest Canyon Swing in the Last Resort with Noam.

8757138262_0dffe49aa2.jpg 8756011503_08f9b2e6e7.jpg8757134168_f0cfed0e52.jpg8756007793_1d45d61f84.jpg

Farewell Nepal - it's been Epic. :)

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