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Jodhpur - The Blue City

This is where the horsey pants originated from...

sunny 34 °C

The three lads, Timmy, Cecil and Marion, had had no intention of going to Jodphur, so they were eager to get train tickets booked to Jaisalmer asap so they could do a camel safari. I decided to follow the crowd and do whatever the gang was doing - although it would mean missing the Flying Fox zip lining. hmmmm

So seeing as how we were stuck in Jodphur for the day (well I was always going to have a stop over there) we all went off to get train tickets and then ramble around.

Cecil, admittedly trying to be nice, went off and bought us 4 local train tickets for 90 rupees a pop. Now there is no way in hell that any foreigner in their right mind, would get a local train ticket for an overnight 7 hour journey to Jaisalmer. If you want to experience the real Indian railway system, get a local ticket. This entitles you to bunk with chickens, goats, 100 men staring at you non stop, wooden benches that hurt your arse and the ever present pungent smell of piss.
Call me a snob, but there was not a hope I was going to avail of Cecil's special offer.
And the others agreed. So we bought sleeper car tickets for the night train. This got us 4 bunks together, a fan,
and a bunk bed each!!)
Cecil then wanted to head off on his own to do his own thing. Timmy says he does that all the time. Just heads off, gets stoned and has mad adventures. Before he left, he peppered me with questions like 'what time is the train later?', and 'what's the name of our hotel?'', I told him the guest house was called 'Pushp guest house' and the train was at 11.45pm, and he said he'd meet us at the train station and off he went to do whatever he does! (Later we found out he had been to an all-men party in the slum where the men got drunk and tried
to wrestle his backpack from him. Then he went to some trance party and met a tattoo artist and got an Om tattoo on his chest! LOLZ)

So Marion, Timmy & I headed off to see Mehrangahr Fort. The fort was awesome and had a very thorough audio headset tour with 33 audio stops! After the first stop, Timmy wanted to stop for a snack so we did.
Then after the 6th stop, Timmy wanted to stop for a quick ghey pink drink so we stopped again. At that rate, as you can imagine, it took us hours to finish the 33 stops.


Afterwards, Timmy refused to walk anywhere else and we had to eat in a nearby restaurant. Don't think Colin wanted to mess up his hair with walking or something. ;)

So after this hectic day, we chilled on the roof of our hotel until our train later on in the evening. So by 10.45, we had to go and there was no sign of Cecil. I left a note on his bag that said 'CECIL - 11.45 JODHPUR TRAIN STATION! Sleeper Car 1'' and off we went. The town was dead, everyone was in bed, the lights were off and there was not a tuk tuk to be seen or had. We walked for about half an hour before getting one. We were getting slightly stressed as no one could answer us as to where the train station was and simultaneously Timmy kept asking people where the tuk tuks where so we were getting two different directions from everyone. I was getting low on patience and just then a tuk tuk came along. Thanks be to jaysus as the train station was milllles away. I had doubts as to whether Cecil would make it to the station on time! But when we got to the station, who should be there, only Cecil! Except he didn't have his bag with him! Doh. :D
He couldn't remember the name of the hotel (lol) so couldn't go back to get his bag.
At this stage it's now 11.37 or something, but luckily the train was delayed! We hurried him out to get a motorbike back to the hotel and laid bets as to whether he'd make it back in time! Just as the train was pulling up, Cecil arrived. 'WAHEY', we all shouted and backs were patted and the word 'legend' bandied about a lot.

We piled on the sleeper train and started to put our stuff in our bunks. Suddenly on jump a load of army lads in full uniform and carry mighty large rifles and big black metal boxes, which they proceeded to put under our bunks! It was so surreal, I felt like I was stoned and hallucinating and not Cecil. But everyone else just acted like this was the norm. The army lads were off to the border of Pakistan.

Anywho, when everybody had sufficiently stashed their arms, we all hit the sack and nodded off. I was managing a bit of kip, when at about 3.30am, as we were just moving off from a station, one of the army guys stood in the door of the train shouting aggressively at someone on the platform. As the train sped up, the army guy shouted again, got more annoyed, glanced quickly under our bunks, shouted at another army guy on the train, then JUMPED OFF THE TRAIN RUNNING AT FULL SPEED!!! Obv to chase whoever or whatever had robbed his stuff or insulted his mum! Who knows - he never got back on again, and I didn't get back asleep again! :D

Upon arrival in Jaisalmer, we were greeted by some nice guys from our hotel, and we all had to wait in the car while Cecil took a dump. LOL yet sighhhhhh. :D

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From Jaisalmer to Pushkar

sunny 34 °C

So we had a day in Jaisalmer before the night train to Jodhpur. Cecil took himself off for the day (wherever he goes) and myself and Marion explored the fort for a while and did a bit of shopping. Later we went for a lovely dinner with Timmy and had a great auld chit chat about life, love and travels. (We had to get a tuk tuk to the dinner! ;) )
We got back to our hotel in time to get our bags and be ready for our tuk tuk to the train station for my 7th overnight sleeper train in India!! So Cecil appears in the hotel, all clean with new clothes and a new haircut. He looked pretty normal and with it for a change and said he was gong to take a shower and follow us on to the station. I wrote down the train number and sleeper carriage number and seat numbers for him in his notebook and said we'd see him there.

The manager was not pleased to see us bungle into a tuk tuk without taking Cecil with us, as he was worried Cecil would cause trouble! But we couldn't fit 4 into it with our bags and we were ready and not willing to hang around and risk missing our train! So off we went. So we're on the train and there's no sign of Cecil! The train starts moving and there's still no sign of Cecil. Hmmmm. We began to think he might actually have missed the train!!

Another couple from London were on the two top bunks above us. The dude was really ill and looked terrible! We were chatting away to them telling them of Cecil's adventures and wondering aloud what had happened to him.
Then about 45 mins later, up pops Cecil in a terribbbbble humour, yelling at us that he had told us to wait for him on the platform and he'd been waiting there for 20 mins! When we hadn't shown up (we were on the train!!) he hopped on anyways and had been in a kerfuffle with the train conductor about his ticket ever since (we had it). Then he told us all to go F ourselves! :D I made an exaggerated gasping noise and shocked face and then he said ''not you!''. But he was well peeved.

Eventually he calmed down and we all settled into our bunks. Cecil woke us alll up at 1.30 am looking for a light for his smoke. The cheek! Then when we awoke at 5am to get ready to get off the train, there was no sign of Cecil. We walked up and down the carriage, peeping into people's bunks looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen. After a while, the sick London dude (henry) told us that he had seen our ''mate go that way at about 1.30 or something''. We were all like ''ooooh shitttt...'' thinking he'd gotten off the train for a smoke, and hadn't gotten back on again. We didn't know what to do!! Then sick London guy goes to the loo and comes back very quickly to tell us that our ''mate has passed out on the floor in the jaxx''. AHAHAHHAHAH and yet URRRRRRRRRGHHH those toilets are DISGUSTING and covered in wee and poop. Myself and Timmy started banging on the jaxx door to try wake him up. After about 5 mins ofbanging and shouting, Cecil emerges and says '' uhhhh I just fell asleep on the toilet floor''.. ahahahahahhaha. I was like 'eh sit over there away from me please luv''

So after this, tensions were high in the group, we were all knackered and fairly fed up and getting annoyed with Cecil and his antics. We made our way to the bus station to try and get a bus to Jodhpur, but the bus station was like something out of that Asterix and Obelix movie - there was a lot of running around, instructions in different languages and nothing concrete achieved! Cecil was annoyed at me for not answering his questions ( I DONT KNOW HOW LONG THE FECKIN BUS TAKES WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME??) and decided he wanted to go off by himself and said he'd see us in PushP. I tried so hard not to loll my head off. (Pushp was the name of the guesthouse 2 towns ago. We were off to Pushkar!)
Then just as were were hugging it out and bidding each other adieu, Timmy offers us all a car trip to Pushkar for 750 rupees each. It was expensive and soooo uncomfortable (my head kept hitting the roof and I kept sliding into Marion) but after 6 hours squished together, we were nearly there.
Trying to find the hotel (with a swimming pool) that we'd booked in Pushkar, resulted in another 30 minutes of madness as Cecil shouted at the driver, and Timmy phoned the hotel for directions, while the driver leaned out the window asking every Ram, Miki & Ravi where the hotel was.
Eventually we found it. It had an AWESOME swimming pool and lovely gardens filled with foreigners and monkeys! Myself and Marion were so happy to be our of the car and away from the lads for a short while, when all of a sudden, Cecil decides it's not for him and ups and leaves, so Timmy moves into our room. sighhhhhh.


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Camel Safari

sunny 38 °C

So we had booked a camel safari with 'Trotters Independent Travel''. (Cue people saying ''Lovely Jubbly'', ''this time Rodney, millionaires'' etc a lot). Now hotel managers in Jaisalmer do not like if you don't book a camel safari with them, and our manager was no different. He was a creepy, sour, mean and obviously annoyed git. He charged us whopping fees for booking our train and insisted we 'pay now' for everything.
Anywho, we ignored him as much as possible and after checking in at 10am, myself and Marion went up to get some breakfast in our rooftop restaurant.
The place was COVERED in flies. There must have been about 15 - 20 flies on our table and I just couldn't eat there. We made our excuses and left while the chef shouted and pleaded after us about how great a cook he was and that he'd make us anything we wanted!
We hit the streets of Jaisalmer, which in all honesty, were no better. They were covered in cow shite and goat shite. Jaisalmer is literally a shit hole. Excuse the auld french. There were so many flies, and they were all landing in the poops and then landing on other stuff. It was pretty gross.

Now some of you man know me as a bit of a Monica and I've never denied that - I like things clean. But I'm not neurotic (really I swear!) and I have parked that side of me for my travels, especially India. I left Monica at home. I have not complained about dirty towels, bed bugs, unclean sheets and pillow cases, grotty bathroom floors, hairs in my food - nuthin'! And while I am appalled at all the rubbish on the streets everywhere, I've basically gotten on with it - used my own towel where there was none, slept in my sleep sheet, used a t shirt as a pillow, cleaned aforementioned dirty bathrooms a bit with the hose, ignored dirty glasses, picked the hairs out of my food and continued. NABB, NAB!
However, flies and bugs are my downfall. Put a cockroach in my room and I can't sleep. Put 20 flies that I know have probably munched on cow shit for breakfast and I can't eat in the vicinity. FOOT DOWN INDIA. ;) Soooo luckily Marion thought that Flymaggeddon was indeed a fly too far and we soon found a restaurant that had only 1 fly on the table, a cool chilled vibe, lovely relaxing garden and EGGS! Nom.

After breakfast, once again we were waiting on the 2 lads to get ready so we could go and start our camel safari. Timmy was doing his hair I reckon, and Cecil hadn't even gotten showered yet. 20 mins later and we're still waiting on them, so eventually they're ready and the manager won't let them leave without checking in first. So Marion and I say feck this and we trot off to Trotters, thinking the lads wouldn't be far behind. Well we should have waited on them, as we spent the next 30 mins explaining to the lads in Trotters that we thought they were on the way but we weren't sure. hahaha. Another 15 - 20 mins pass before they rock up in a tuk tuk. sheesh!


So of course Cecil doesn't have any cash and needs an atm, so off we go looking for dosh for him. Eventually we are piled in the jeep on the road to the camel safari. We stop at a small lake for a ''five minute break'', but once again, when the time comes for us to get back in the jeep - who's missing? Cecil. lol. He'd gone off to roll a spliff behind the tree so we all have to wait for him to come back. Tum tee Tum. The driver was getting pretty irritated by this stage. So Cecil comes back all riled up saying that some local kids were playing with his back pack and his passport is missing! After 5 minutes of searching around the place, it's in his bag, so off we go again.

Finally we get to the camels and camel guides and they are awesome. The camels looked really laid back and cool. They didn't smell at all and there was no spitting!
I was saddled up first onto a camel called lucky, and was told to lean back as she stood up. WEhehehelllehehhellelelelellele - that camel standing up or down bit was hilarious and I couldn't stop lolling. I was also once again reminded of how little control I had over any animals I sat on and how I was again at the mercy of a wild animal and whatever it wanted to do!

Soon we were all strapped on to our camels and attached to one another, except Cecil who was let off on a camel on his own and proceeded to spend the journey rolling joints, smoking fags, dropping things that the guide had to get down and get for him, and burning holes in the camel's dress (?) ;D Even the Germans behind us commented on how much he was smoking. (Marion could understand them! ) The ride itself was awesome. The sun was blazing and the land was super dry and barren for miles. It took us a while to get into the camel rhythm, but once we got used to it, we were all loving it and in our own little worlds. After an hour or so, the tall sandy dunes came into view. I stuck on the Jozif - Balance album on my ipod and it made for an altogether spectacularly blissful safari.

After 2 and a bit hours, we'd reached base camp and dismounted, to the lads' relief - apparently camel rides are a smidgeon uncomfortable for the lads. Suddenly, as if Lord Shiva himself had heard my innermost thoughts, a man dressed all in white appeared with a bag of super cold Kingfisher beers! HURRAH! A beer man! In the desert! With Beers! We all greedily relieved him of his wares and went off to spend quality time watching the sunset, cartwheeling in the sand and posing for arty sunset-sandy type photos.


When it was pitch black the camel lads decided to serve us a Thali dinner. A Thali consists of rice, chapattis, dahl, curry, pickle and raita. It's the best value in town as you get a bit of everything and it's usually only about 2 euro tops. Anywho it was delicious, but we couldn't see a thing. I had to keep shining my torch on my plate to ensure I wasn't eating one of the many, ever encroaching black beetles that were so prevalent in the dunes! (And which I was terrifed of)
We weren't allowed a campfire (boo) so we just sat around in the dark, yapping and laughing and flicking beetles away. Our guide (blessed with the universal language that is Only Fools and Horses) was great fun, and a real hero, protecting us from beetles and making sure we were all ok.
I was a bit weirded out with the thought of having to sleep on a thin mattress under the stars with black beetles crawling all over the place. :/ Timmy was also terrified and opted to sleep on the roof of the jeep. i wanted to join him but only one person was allowed up there. So Marion promised to protect me and we got our mattresses and moved them into the softer sandier parts of the dunes. The beetles did start to hide after a while so it wasn't too bad, but I still tucked myself up in my sleepsheet tightly!
There were so many millions of stars in the night sky, it was amazing. We spent the first half of the night just staring up at them just twinkling away. The harder we looked, the more we saw and we could see the plow and Orion's belt and I saw 4 shooting stars. It was awesome.


I fell asleep for a bit but then awoke at the sound of some ferociously loud growling animal which scared the bejaysus out of me. I decided to ignore this growling and go to the ''bathroom''. It was so freaky. I could hear footsteps coming towards me all the time, but they didn't get any nearer! And how was there footsteps on the sand!? Then I saw a giant mouse or armadillo and tried to follow it for a bit with my torch but it was too fast for me. I hastily returned to the relative safety of my mattress under the stars . Unfortunately I couldn't get a wink of sleep for the rest of the night. A very cold wind whipped up at one stage and some dogs howled away nearby. (how did they get there?) I discovered the growling was the camels breathing and they must have been responsible for the footstep noises as well.

Hours later, I saw a very nice sunrise and joined Cecil who was awake and having his first chillum of the day.
After a breakfast of toast, jam and biscuits we all saddled up for another epic camel ride back out of the desert. Once again it was amazing. Camelz Rool!


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Pushkar part 1

a week of vegging out

sunny 33 °C

Pushkar is a small, hippy town that Hindu's pilgrimage to. It consists of a big lake, surrounded by 52 bathing ghats. It's considered a very holy place and Gandhi's ashes are scattered at the ghats here. Unfortunately it has no booze, no meat and no eggs! It was, I thought, a nice place to spend a few days. (I had intended on going on to Bundi and Ranthambore but spent the whole week in Pushkar!)
Well our hotel DID have a pool! :D The gardens were pretty fancy and were filled with monkeys and tortoises. Myself and Marion quickly made use of these facilities for some serious sunbathing. And went to see sunset down by the Ghats that evening.


The next day we climbed another hill/mountain to the Saraswati Temple (Goddess of learning) to take a good look at the town from above. It only took us 30 mins to get to the top though but we were rewarded with great views! 8643976237_78ec0287be.jpg8643974599_6ddcd3b087.jpg8645069380_93bc22ffae.jpg8643972199_ca0cfe19c3.jpg8645067268_a97fe73e71.jpg8645064320_34261491e9.jpg

So after that and a bit of shopping at the many many stalls stuffed with scarves, clown pants, incense, elephant statues, purses, bags, jewellery and other trinkets, we figured we deserved some sneak rums and cokes. Timmy zoomed off on his motorbike to get us some hooch from out of town and we spent the evening by the pool sipping on the sweet sweeeet rum. We met an Irish couple and a Dutch girl and they invited us to have dinner with them in a restaurant later that night. Apparently this restaurant is thee place to get rum, but you have to book yourselves in for dinner and drinks early in the day. So off we went to book, chatted to some weird guy in the place and booked 3 of us in for dinner and drinks. Despite the dude telling us not to tell anyone else, Timmy invited 2 strapping Ecuadorians along later too.

So the gang of us rocked up to the restaurant and there was no where for us to sit as the joint was full so we decided to go for a falafel and then pop back for drinks after. Which we did. Welllll, when we returned the weird restaurant dude reprimanded us for not being there for dinner! We tried to explain that we had actually been there at 8 but there were no seats. We pointed at his dad who was in reception and said ''He saw us, we were here at 8!''. However I think the auld fella was blind or mental and wasn't much of a witness. Anywho, this dude was being a jerk so I wasn't relly sure if I wanted to stay and neither was Marion. But Timmy persuaded us to sit insdie and stay for a few. So in we popped to this tiny little room with cushions and mats on the floor and a low table. We piled in on top of each other, me, Marion, Timmy, another UK dude with fabulous eyes, 2 handsome Ecuadorians, the Dutch gal and another couple of ladies from Sweden and Iran. Out came th rum, which we drank from tea cups (sneaky sneaky) and then out came the playing cards. And so the drinking games started!

The room was tinchy, with no fan or windows, the lads were smokin, the rum was sweet and the coke was cold! There was laughing, shouting, sweating, head clasping, spills, oohs, aahs, animal noises and general merriment and hilarity as we all played and failed at this game King of Cups. Failure was rewarded with 3 fingers of rum. It was hilarious and we were all lamped.

At about 1 or so, Marion wasn't feeling well and wanted to go back to the hotel so I said I would go with her and we went downstairs. The restaurant dude offered to walk us back to our hotel. We forgot the key so the dude went upstairs to get it for us, and here starts the confusion! The restaurant dudd says as he went to get the key, Timmy grabbed his arm and told him to *unmentionable swearing*. (I wasn't sure I believed his story or else he was confused). Timmy maintains he said ''don't touch those girls or I'll kick your ass'' (In a jokey fashion he said). Anywho, whatever he said or joked about was lost in translation and not received well! YEr man came downstairs saying to us that ''That guy upstairs is an asshole and I'm going to kick his ass''. :D I was thinking to myself ''Please don't let it be Timmy'', but of course it was! So then Timmy came downstairs to have it out with yer man and there was a whole big pointless kerfuffle while the two lads threatened to Duel but didn't actually do anything! Hilaro. In the end, Timmy apologised to yer man and we all wandered home through the dark, empty streets of Pushkar (The town shuts down at about 9 or 10!) A big fuss about nothing! :D
(I thought that restaurant dude was weird from the start though..weird vibes...)

Next day Timmy and Marion were off to Delhi. Marion was ready to go while Timmy lounged about in his pants not packing his bag. hahahahahah I would have been sweating with the nerves wondering if we'd ever make the train, but luckily I was going nowhere and dind't have to fret about such things. I decided to stay and chill in Pushkar for another few days and ditch the expensive Tiger safari (where there were no tigers).

Before thel ads left, another young gent called Joe arrived at our apt and was chatting away to us. He'd just arrived in Pushkar so I invited him to hang by the pool for t day. We bid farewell to the other two, who I was very sad to see go actually! They are both awesome and we had a great few days - it was definitely lively! :D

Myself and Joe spent the day yapping away by the pool and eating sandwiches. I'm always astounded and impressed by where other travellers have been and especially when they are so young. I think Joe was only 24 or something yet had already trundled around Burma, Thailand and was planning to go to the Lebannon next. No Fear these young wans! Joe was studying politics and law in Asian and African countries. The brains on these young people!

I found the hotel staff in the swimming pool hotel a bit odd and a bit starey so I decided to make the move to Joe's hotel the next day. We went to his place so I could check it out and to have a rum on the rooftop. His gaf was a bit of a walk behind the main streets, but it was so lovely with rugs, big old doors and locks, what seemed like a living room in my room, a nice bathroom and the staff were really nice! And it was a lot cheaper than my hotel and sans weirdos. Nice.


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Pushkar - part 2

I had booked myself in to make some silver jewellery with a nice silversmith chap called Guru, so Joe came along to watch and maybe make something himself. Guru was a sound fellow and showed us plenty of fancy stones and lots of lovely rings, earrings, necklaces etc that we could make with him. I decided to make a reticulated silver ring, which involved me cutting silver, burning it with a blow torch, cooling it, burning it, poking holes in it with a tweezers and fluffing it up around the edges, oxidising it and then melting copper on to it, before moulding it into a ring shape. Although it looks like something you'd find in a dumpster, or perhaps that a child had made, I still like it. It's pretty cool and definitely different. :D I know my hands look like they need a scrub, but it's actually the end of the Henna tattoo I had.


Afterwards we walked along the ghats and took in the sights. Met a guy called Ramu who tried to sell us grass and camel rides. And camel rides on grass! :) We walked on! :)
Joe had watched my silver making genius in action and then decided to return to Guru the following day and make a ring of his own. It was super. After another afternoon of silvermaking we went back to our hotel rooftop and met up with a lovely young lady called Jenna, from the UK. The 3 of us stayed on our rooftop all day chatting away. Unfortunately during this time, I got a text from my dad to say Johnny - my awesomest guinea pig, had passed away. I was quite upset as I had only been talking about him and showng Joe pictures of him earlier that morning. Gutted! I had really hoped he would have been there to welcome me home in July. :( But he had a great life and lived to a ripe old age of nearly 5. My folks let him have the run of the place in Milltown and he was having great fun nibbling Mick's newspaper and watching Midsomer Murders. RIP Johnny.


I composed myself and we all swapped pet stories on the roof and then decided to get a 'special' lassi in his honour. Weird how special lassis are on the menus everywhere here, but booze and eggs are verboten! :)


Anyways we sipped our disgusting special lassis slowly as they were too vile to knock back. They tasted like grass. However we got a right good buzz off them and spent the evening laughing our heads off. I developed a ten second memory and couldn't remember the end of my sentences or stories as I was still telling them. Ended up tellin the lads a lot of the start of various stories and not being able to finish them! Great craic!
On our way back from walking Jenna back to her hotel, a big pack of wild barking dogs ran at me and Joe in the street! We didn't know what to do and basically froze to the spot... You do not want to get bitten or scratched by a dog in India! They are filthy, flearidden and viscious. eeeek. We were freaked out but as we stood there wondering what the hell to do, the dogs ran straight by us at another stray dog behind us! :D Phewf! That would have been freaky without the effects of a special lassi nevermind with it! then I tried to walk into someone elses gaff thinking it was our hotel. Joe was like -''eh where are ye going''. hhahahhahahahah. Luckily we made it back to our REAL Hotel safely a few minutes later. :D

The next day the 3 of us met up for a sneaky illegal eggy breakfast (breakin all the rules in Pushkar) and then met another young gal, a Canadian named Cathy who wanted to try a special lassi. Soooo off we went again for more food and another hit of the good stuff, but this time we got a juice - which was much nicer if a little aluminous. Quite like a mojito. It wasn't very strong but young Cathy seemed to be quite spaced out by it and asked the waiter what was ''hummus chips & pita salad''. hahhahahahah..

Cathy: 'what is hummus chips and pita salad?''
Waiter: ''hummus? sauce. Chips? eh chips. Pita? pita bread and salad..ehhh salad.'' And he looked at us as if we were all retarded. :D

I was lolling away. Turns out there had not been a comma after the hummus and Cathy had thought he was selling hummus chips. Doesn't seem quite as amusing now, but at the time we were in tears laughing at her spaced face and the look the waiter was giving us. Fun times! I also saw a monkey in the tree nearby but no one else could see it for ages, so naturally I thought I was going bonkers. Until finally 20 minutes later, Jenna saw it too.
On tonight's walk home, a cow ran towards us and we came across a group of kids, aged about 1 to 4, who were gulping mouthfuls of PETROL from a can and then spitting it out onto rubbish that was on fire! WTF?? It was pretty surreal. We didn't know whether we should try to take the petrol off them or run away in case they hated tourists! :0 Another weird evening in India.

Our next day in Pushkar, we went back to the mad restaurant from earlier's tale (see Pushkar part 1) for a few rums. The mental dude recognised me as I came in and high 5'd me so I thought everything was hunky dory. Then as we sat down and were sipping our mugs of rum, he joined us and started to tell the story of this group who were in his place the other night, and how they were drinking, having fun, and then one guy started a fight with him. WTF?? That was the night I was there!! I was thinking to myself - is this for real? Is he telling the story about the night I was there, to me? I thought he had recognised me! :D LOL. Anywho, turns out his version of events was a little different! He told us that Timmy had told him to go F himself! :D LOL. I was trying not to laugh my head off as he told it but I was still a bit freaked out and was wondering if he was waiting for me to pipe up and say I was there? Or did he geniunely not recognise me from that night! (we all look alike apparently. And also I look like Angela Lansbury (my phone cover) ) Then he said that some of them hadn't paid him for their rum, so I stayed quiet! I had paid for my rum!! Turns out Marion had left her ipod there too, and he was yapping on about how he now had a free ipod... I could'nt quite pipe up then either as it would have looked like I wanted a free ipod, and then I'd have to pay up for those who had neglected to pay for their rum! I told the lads to drink up and we got the hell outta there. I asked Tommy 2 to go in and get the ipod for me the next day as we hung out by the pool. He said he would pick it up later.

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