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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The beginning of the end...

sunny 32 °C

Ate a iffy sandwich on the plane but didn't actually realise it was off til the next day. Welllll to be honest, I had an inkling... 
Got into KL at 11pm and hopped a bus for 8 RM into KL Sentral. Bargain. The road from KL airport looked very familiar. Got a taxi to my hostel which was in Chinatown . The hostel was pretty cool and had 8 bed dorms and a good hanging out area, with a giant iMac for interneting. The reception dude was pretty unfriendly at first but then turned out to be a star and a fountain of information. The dorm bunks were the squeakiest beds I have ever been on in my life - anytime anyone moved an inch there was a giant roar of springs going errrrrrkkkk. Add to this the fact that everyone's phone alarms/ringers kept going off at least once an hour and ye can see why I got feck all kip. 

Check out the bathroom and smoking area.

After listening to bucket loads of information from the hostel reception dude, I decided to go to the Batu caves first thing. He said I'd need 3 or 4 hours there so after yapping to a young German for an hour in the kitchen, i thought i better get my skates on and I set off for the train at 10. 
Walking to the train station, i felt like I was in India, China and Indonesia all at the same time. KL really is a big mixture of people from everywhere. The train, which had a ladies only coach, dropped me off at exactly the entrance to the Batu caves. Outside the entrance there was a giant Super-heroey looking statue of the monkey god Hannuman. It was cool.

Outside the caves themselves, there was a HUGE golden statue of Shiva looking awesome. It was quite cool to see the statue against the background of the steps and the caves.


The Batu caves unfortunately had no bats. :( It is however a Hindu worshipping site and there are 270 odd steps, lined with mischievous monkeys, up into the caves. At the top there were quite a few Hindu shrines and temples. The caves were pretty cool and there was an epic view of the light shining through the caves and illuminating the inside of them.

9382797207_c23c5a11c7.jpg9382798905_ab44735b7a.jpg9385633888_6ef2706437.jpg9383034019_601133bfb1_b.jpgKuala Lumpur Batu Caves

Kuala Lumpur Batu Caves


It didn't take me 3 hours though. After half an hour, I'd seen most of what there was to be seen and hopped back on the train. I wasn't feeling the best after my iffy sandwich so headed for the cooling soothing climes of the shopping mall district and had a great time looking for something daycent to wear to Al and noodles' wedding on Friday. After some epic shopping I stopped for a doughnut and coffee. 


I decided to go and see the sunset from the KL Menara tower. Apparently it's higher than the Petronas towers so the view is better and it's half the price! Well now if it had been a clear day I'd say the view would have been epic. Although I'd say a clear day day in KL is rarer than a cow with 4 arses. It was pretty hazy / Smoggy and the view was alright like. Not spectacular by any means.

I was done there in another 15 mins and decided to try and walk to the Petronas towers to take a picture of them from the outside. Instead I got lost for an hour and was only saved by the appearance of the Free GO KL bus. Hopped on that and it brought me back to the shopping mall. Sighhhhh
At this stage I'd been walking around for about 8 hours and was fit to drop. I headed back to Chinatown where I intended to get some cheap eats. Instead I wandered into the reggae bar and ordered a beer and sat down beside some young Danes and waffled on. 
Settled for a steamed bun for dinner and was never so glad to get into my shit squeaky bed. 
My second day in KL, I still wasn't feeling great but I soldiered on. I headed off in the sweltering heat and humidity to the National Mosque of Malaysia. The mosque had a very friendly receptionist dude who asked me loads of questions about myself and my country and draped me in a lovely big purple Harry Potter style robe so I was covered up enough for entry.


I've never sweated so much in my life as I did today. I was glad I had chosen Bali for the last few weeks and not Malaysia. The humidity would have killed me!!
Inside the mosque was very peaceful and beautiful, with lovely tiles and water features. I boned up on re five pillars of Islam whilest sitting in the shade and then grudgingly thought I better move on. 


Said chow to the friendly dude and hit the road again to go and see the Botanic Gardens and lake. I thought I was going to die with the heat and humidity and sick feeling in my stomach. I sat in the park for a bit before forcing myself to go to the central market for present shopping. It was a struggle but at least finally when I got there, the market was air conditioned. I got some stuff and legged it back to the hostel to shower and take a nap before meeting one of the Danish lads for a couple of beers on our last night in KL. 
Couldn't sleep for ages and then a load of French birds arrived into the dorm at 5.30 in they morning. Zzzzzzz
On my last day of travelling, I Headed out for a pedicure and a mosey around some air conned places to pass the time cheaply before heading to the airport. Felt a bit numb and then emotional and was sat beside a guy who alternated between alright and a pain in the hoop. Tried to ditch him.in Abu Dhabi but he kept finding me.
Soooooo tired------zzzzzz
Goodbye KL and goodbye Asia.
(,for now)
It's been EPIC! :)

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Things I am looking forward to in Dublin, that are making

Going Home ok (for now)

sunny 27 °C

Cool Fresh air
Family!!! Obv can't wait to see the auld pair and my bro plus all my favourite grannies and aunties and uncles and cousins
Friends - all my awesome friends who are so much fun and funny and great at hugs and slaggin bastards and whom I have missed a lot.
Exercise - a bit of a run or a swim would be great
New (my old clothes which will be new to me for a while) clothes
Perfume. Haven't smelt nice in ages!
Make up. Ohhhh god I miss thee
High heels
A few jars in smyths with the lads
DVD days
Good crisps.
My own bed
Going raving.
Going in and out to Dublin town to meet cd / steve for lunches /coffees
Shopping for stuff that I know I can fit in my bag / wardrobe
A new job (hopefully)
Wearing more clothes than just t shirts and shorts
Not sweating all the time anytime I do anything.
Not having to wonder if this is really chicken /beef I'm eating.
Having nice hair
Having a mirror with daylight that I can actually see myself in.
Getting a new place to live
Getting out there and partying in Dublin again.
Muesli and fruit for breakfast
Having better skin
Not having to check my room/bed for giant bugs.
Not dripping sweat constantly
Very little humidity
Not having to walk on roads with terrible traffic
Not having to dodge motorbikes
Not having to cover my shoulders and knees if I don't want to)
Not being asked if I want to buy something every five seconds.

And there's probably lots more too...

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