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Kochi Kochi Koo

Worst 'dance' ever! Best 'bicycle' ride so far.

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So we legged it back to see this Kacathali dance or whatever it's called. Now we feckin rushed back to see this, skipping lunch and with our driver going 90 miles an hour in the pissing rain. He dropped us straight to the 'dance'. We didn't even drop our bags off or have a wet wipe shower, this after 9 hours of driving. So in we pop to see this dance, expecting it to be lots of pretty girls in fancy dresses doing some lovely traditional dancing. Inside, on the stage, was some dude in yellow make up and two dudes playing drums and smashing a cymbol, while another half naked dude sang / chanted / ayayayayayyaayhhh'd in to the microphone.

It. was. Awful. it was not what we expected at all. It was SO LOUD. The drums and cymbol just kept going on and on and on and on and on, while the guy in the make up showed us the 50 faces of Kerathail (can't remember what the name of the dance even was). Anyway, after 20 mins, I looked at my watch and thought ''oh god - another hour of this'. So rummaged in my bag and found my earplugs. GODSEND! After the yellow fella, out came another guy - he looked like Papa Lazarus in a dress and had fake wooden boobs (that he kept feeling). I thought - oh this might be better! - eh no. This fella proceeded to stick his tongue out and screech every five minutes. It was without a doubt the worst thing I have ever been to. I was chuckling me head off laughing, and simultaneously thinking 'get me outta here'.
Clara looked at me and said - 'you wanna go?' and I was like ''oh god yes please''. So we legged it. The others, poor them, were trapped in by other people and had to stay. Even lovely Emily had her fingers in her ears as we snuck out!

We legged it and checked into Tom's Old Mansion. We had a fabulously large room which was awesome. Grand auld place, even though the lads at the door were a bit weird. After this day of driving for hours, sweating our heads off, and seeing a shite kerathali yoke, all we wanted to do was have a shower and get a beer. Much to our guide's annoyance, we decided to go for a beer before the booked dinner. We had great craic at the bar and were generally having a bit of a release after being cooped up all day. But alas we had to leave after 20 mins and go to dinner - no one really wanted to go, especially as the restaurant didn't serve beer! (Cue Bill effing and blinding for a good 20 mins) But we went anyway. We really shouldn't have bothered. The rest of the gang seemed peeved at having us tumble in the door, late and loud! It was a tense atmosphere for a bit! And my aubergine curry was way too aubergineee. ;) Anywho, we escaped soon and went back to the bar, but at this stage I decided to opt out. That Kingfisher beer can do weird things to some peoples' moods!

Forgot to mention, early on in the day, we saw a truck that had driven halfway over the side of one of the mountains! and also a fire in a paddy field.


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