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Things I am looking forward to in Dublin, that are making

Going Home ok (for now)

sunny 27 °C

Cool Fresh air
Family!!! Obv can't wait to see the auld pair and my bro plus all my favourite grannies and aunties and uncles and cousins
Friends - all my awesome friends who are so much fun and funny and great at hugs and slaggin bastards and whom I have missed a lot.
Exercise - a bit of a run or a swim would be great
New (my old clothes which will be new to me for a while) clothes
Perfume. Haven't smelt nice in ages!
Make up. Ohhhh god I miss thee
High heels
A few jars in smyths with the lads
DVD days
Good crisps.
My own bed
Going raving.
Going in and out to Dublin town to meet cd / steve for lunches /coffees
Shopping for stuff that I know I can fit in my bag / wardrobe
A new job (hopefully)
Wearing more clothes than just t shirts and shorts
Not sweating all the time anytime I do anything.
Not having to wonder if this is really chicken /beef I'm eating.
Having nice hair
Having a mirror with daylight that I can actually see myself in.
Getting a new place to live
Getting out there and partying in Dublin again.
Muesli and fruit for breakfast
Having better skin
Not having to check my room/bed for giant bugs.
Not dripping sweat constantly
Very little humidity
Not having to walk on roads with terrible traffic
Not having to dodge motorbikes
Not having to cover my shoulders and knees if I don't want to)
Not being asked if I want to buy something every five seconds.

And there's probably lots more too...

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You said 'not sweating' twice. Guess thats a biggy :)

by cushens

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