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Kuta, Bali

Back to the scene of the crime...

sunny 32 °C

So my speedboat back was pretty awesome. I sat on the top deck, but the boat was so fast, the wind was hurting my face. (1500 horsepower according to the young fella who sold it me!)
So I moved downstairs and despite the waft of diesel every now and then, and the IMMENSE bumping up and down over the waves, I didn't even feel queasy! SCORE. The girl in front of me used up at least 5 plastic bags with her puking though. :/
Made friends with an NZ gal who was staying in Poppies Lane in Kuta (where I had been the victim of a Benny Hill style bag snatching a few weeks ago). I followed her to PL, then hopped into a cheaper guesthouse nearby and got a grand auld room for 100, 000 rupiah, where I could hear the dulcet sounds of ''who's f&ckin tonight? who's f*ckin tonight whup whup'' from one of the nearby bars in the background.
Ahhhhhh bliss. :) To be fair, it was better than Roosters crowing!! :D

I headed off for an exploration around Kuta and had some lunch. It's a busy place with tons of restaurants and bars all along the strip, and in turn tons of people trying to sell you stuff. The constant touting makes it a bit annoying to walk around and I decided to go for a lie down in a darkened room for a bit. I had thought about going back to Skygarden at 9pm for the free drinks hour but thought it probably wasn't the best idea (knowing me and my willpower, or lack thereof) to go drinking when I had a flight the next day.
So I stayed in and drank diet coke while listening to the free Kidz Choonz in the distance. WILD.

As it turns out, I could have gone drinking, as I got an email the next morning to say my flight was delayed by 4 hours.
DOH! I had purposely bought the earlier daytime flight so I wouldn't have to arrive in KL at nighttime ... sigh....
So since I had extra time now, I enjoyed my whopper breakfast of a banana jaffle and sippie cup of coffee...
(A banana jaffle is a TOASTED BANANA SANDWICH!!!! it is AMAZING. Why Have I not had this before? ??? )
and then packed my bag and went for a long walk on Kuta beach - which was lovely!
Although the beach was by no means devoid of touts either.
One dude selling surf lessons wouldn't let go of my hand for ages as he tried to sell me a lesson.. it was getting quite uncomfortable and a bit weird after a while.. :D I saw a white guy surrounded by about 6 young Balinese women getting every inch of him massaged and fluffed on the beach. He saw me looking, beckoned me over and gave me the thumbs up sign. LOL. I thumbs-upped him back and legged it!
Went for a walk in the mall nearby and then hung out in Starbucks for an hour before thinking that I may as well head off to the airport. (There's not a lot to do in Kuta if you're not shopping, drinking or sunbathing).

view from the mall

I retrieved my bag from the hostel and wandered out of Poppies Lane.
A local man approached me and offered me a lift on his speedy motorbike.
I thought about it for a minute and then said ''sure why not''.
''I'm heading to the airport'', says I.
''cheap price'', says he, ''wait here''.
So out he came all Easy Rider stylee on his tiny moped and handed me a helmet.
Now I forgot to mention I was wearing my 11 kilo backpack on my back. (ok it's not that heavy but it's heavy enough!) I totally forgot about this until we sped off down the road! Every time he accelerated or went over a bump, I had to hold on for dear life for fear the weight of my backpack was going to drag me off the bike and plonk me onto the road.
It was a brown trousers, white knuckle ride... The sweat was drippin off me and I said a prayer to Shiva (we were back in Hindu land), that I would actually survive my last day in Bali. (I've had more injuries in Bali than I've had my whole trip!)
It was however the quickest journey ever and for that, and my survival I was grateful. Small mercies. ;) I handed him back his sweat-covered helmet and wobbled my way up the road to departures..

Bali airport is pretty boring and there are not enough seats for everyone to sit on. I ate a dodgy sandwich on the plane as well and felt a bit rough the following day...

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