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Bali - Sanur, Kuta, Echo Beach

Kuta & the Bag Snatching.

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Myself and Craig had decided to paddle (kayak) out to an old tanker style ship that was stranded out about 800metres off the shore in Sanur. Apparently it had been washed up and stranded on the reef in some big storm a while back. I was tres excited and expected it to be all wooden and romantic and piratey! But instead it was all steel, rusty, holey and fishery - it was still hella cool though. It had a romance all of it's own about it. After this paddle, we had some lunch and a shot of Arak - the local brew. We both didn't go blind so headed back to the Pineapple hostel. The hostel was full today though and had no spare beds so I had to move. I decided to move up to Echo Beach in Canngu. I got a taxi to the Echoland B&B which took ageeeeesssss. God, I'm so impatient! and I hate taxis! They're always trying to get more money out of me - it is wearing!

Anywho, the new joint also had a nice pool (haven't been in that one yet either) and some not super friendly people in it. Booo. I went down to check out Echo Beach which was a beach of black sand (ew) and it had a JCB working on it! :( It was not the nicest of beaches, but it did have WHOPPERLY BIG WAVES - I made a note to tell Craig about this development for surfing purposes.

I hung out on the black sand for a while before making my way back to Kuta to join Craig and Claudia for a SUNDAY ROAST ALL YOU CAN EAT in Skygarden. NOM .
We didn't do a very good job on the allyoucaneat bit as we were trying to save room for the free drinks at 9 - 10pm. Then we hit the outside bar which played some awesome music. We had some shots, hit the Pirate bar next door, then we had to put Claudia in a cab home as she was plastered. So then we went back to Skygarden for more booze. (So much for my clean, healthy Bali livin').

Later on our walk out of Skygarden, some young whippersnappers on a motorbike zoomed past us and snatched my handbag from my shoulder, half dragging me up the street a bit with them. Ouch. I didn't know what happened. All of a sudden I was on my ass on the road! My handbag had been on me fairly tight, so I got a nasty bruise and cut on my arm where I got trundled along with them. I was still sitting on my ass while Craig had run up the road after the lads on the bike, but there was no chance of catching them. Some locals gathered around and told us to call the police, but I didn't think there was much point. We'd have to wait around for the police, who are so corrupt they would probably charge us for calling them, then they wouldn't do anything to catch the lads, and also there was nothing of importance in my bag - only a few bob. I'd spent all my money on shots anyways!
Earlier I had had my phone in my bag and had gone back to my room to put it in my locker. Phewf! Good move by me! The feckers got nothing! Well except my really nice handbag that I had treated myself to in Beijing. Bastards. Hope they have nothing that goes with it! ;)
Craig was the loveliest gentleman and brought me home in a cab and then had to get the cab all the way back to the Pineapple in Sanur. Such a hero!

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