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Backwaters of Kerala

it's a lazy dog-danglin' afternoon


We had numerous forms of transport to get to the backwaters of Kerala. Started out in a car, moved to a rickshaw, then to a boat and finally to the Kerala Homestay. We spent 2 hours put-putting down the beautiful backwaters to our homestay. We saw amazing houseboats, people out washing their clothes, the mud fella, scraping the mud off the bottom of the river bed and piling it up on the side of the river for extra protection for the houses during the monsoon season, and beautiful rice fields and other lush scenery. All the while the sun bounced off the palm trees and placid river waters. it was amazing. The diesel smell made me feel a bit ill for a while though so I sat on the roof which actually was a helluva lot better.

Well our gaf was awesome. We were expecting a little tent on the side of the river, but we arrived to a wonderfully fancy house run by a friendly little man called Gopa and his wife (who loved Indian Soap operas). The gaf was great and both our hosts were super smiley and super chatty. After a refreshing lemonade, we dumped our stuff and hastily retreated to our respective hammocks for the afternoon. I had a very busy day watching a family of ducks in the river nearby. It was absolutely fabulous. I did at one point look up to see a whole bunch of coconuts over my head and contemplated moving, but Gopa assured me the coconut tree wouldn't 'cheat' me. (Basically no one has been killed by a falling coconut.. yet....).

After a while we were called for a hefty yet delicious lunch of never-ending servings of home made jackfruit curry, mango pickle, paddy rice, popadoms and other bits and bobs. Gopa and his assistant hovered over us for the meal and as soon as we finished one thing, we were offered more. This was quite awesome for us as there was 8 of us at our table. John and Alison found it slightly unnerving in their gaf as they were the only two in their house and their host insisted on standing over them and doing the Indian starey thing til they were finished. (bwahaha)

After lunch I had another busy 2 hours hanging around on the hammock again until tea and biscuits.

Later Gopa brought us on a walk around the village. He showed us coconut trees (edible and commercial), paddy rice, the pestle and mortar yoke, Corey played a big piece of pipe like a didgereedoo and showed us how to do a bit of wood choppin. Gopa showed us some pineapple plants, mango trees, starfruit (tastes like a very sour apple), cardamom seeds, touch me not flower (a flower that retreats when you touch it), cashew nut fruit and loads more bits and bobs, before a relaxing jaunt back in the boat to the gaf.

As I type this, some Swedish dude is on the Skype beside me yakking on about weed and how stoned he is getting every day from it all. LOL. \i feel quite lame being in bed by 10 most nights. :D

Anyway after another delicious dinner, it lashed rain. it was nice and cool outside but feckin roastin inside. Gopa was telling us about his family and how is son is working in Phoenix, Arizona. His wife was watching terrible soap operas with plenty of audible inner monologue from the lads and face pulling, oodles of men in moustaches and tons of weary women pleading aloud! Add to that the dramatic music and it's definitely a ratings winner. Gopa insisted I do a good review of his place on trip advisor and kept coming back to check on me and make sure i was getting the job done.

ps: now the Swedish dude is saying he wishes he had some pictures of when him and the person on the phone, made love. bwahahahhahahahaha

Would have liked a few more days here in this joint to relax a bit more in the hammock. A few of us have decided to do the Tea plantations tomorrow so looking forward to a bit of a jaunt into the countryside.

So off we went to the tea plantation and tea factory the next day. Only a few of us went as some of the lads weren't interested. It was a 4 hour journey up into the mountains in a jeep. It was a hoot. The gang we have are a great laugh. Yer man John is so funny, even when he's in a grump. Kay is so nice and all the girls are just top notch birds. So the trip was a lolfest, what with John throwing banana skins out the wrong windows and what not. When we got there, the outside of the tea factory said "Connemara Tea Factory". ha! Apparently some Irish dude designed the factory. It was a long trip for such a short trip around the tea factory - it was about 20 mins or so! after 4 hours of travelling.

now the dude is talking about how the person he bonked recently was pregnant and how his flat mate has been feeling up his thigh..
i'm going to have to finish this another time as this dude talking about sex and drugs is making me write what he is saying. lol.
later dudes

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