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Beautiful beaches, minty mojitos and yowza yoga!

sunny 33 °C

So Verkala is gorgeous. We rocked up after our overnight train and headed off to shower the krap off us, then met for dinner at a hill top restaurant with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. It was fantastic. We all had breakfast and Charles told us that we had no activities plannned for the two days that we were here. We could hit the beach, have a massage, go to yoga, have a look around the shops, use the internet, go for a cocktail at sunset or whatever we wanted. And that's what I did - all in the one day. :D

After breakfast myself and Kay went with Charles to meet he blind lady who assesses you and tells you what massage to get. Unfortunately she could not see us at the time (arf) and we spoke with the doctor instead. I said I'd like a spine treatment for my back and Kay went with an 'oil-dripping-on-your-head' massage. So off we went to our separate rooms, whereupon this teeny tiny skinny gorgeous little girl with a lovely head wobble, comes in to me and tells me to take off my clothes. .. ''Even my pants''.. says I?? ''Yes'' says she. So there I was starkers in front of this little angelic looking young one, (who doesn't look like she'll have the strength to do a massage) and she hands me these amazing paper pants. lol. The massage was lovely though. I'm used to deep tissue massages, so this was'nt quite as pummelly or as kneady as I would have liked, but it was still very enjoyable and very relaxing. I nearly fell asleep in the middle of it.

After, I was outside waiting for Kay yapping to the male masseuse, this tall skinny fella who was absolutely hilarious. He kept laughing and covering his mouth in a cartoony ''hee hee' kind of motion and I was laughing my head off, whilest making up this imaginary boyfriend that I have back home. He probably doesn't miss me and is probably watching football or drinking beer (lol) and maybe (in response to his question) we might come back to India next year with a baby. (bwahahahahhaah) .
So anyways he was massuesing here for 6 months and as the seasonn here is nearly over, he'll head off to Chennai to work in a hospital there. It's his ambition to be a masseuse in Maritius and he is everyday checking the job section for jobs there. :D

After the massage we headed down to the beach for a swim. The rip current here is mega strong! and the waves were CRASHING into us. It was whopper. The water was warm and there were no fish heads in sight. Although a crab feckin bit my ankle, the jerk. Sheesh. I knew they were after me. I was nipped out of the water so I was. Had a bit of a sunbathe in my factor 50 (lol) and then went for the second shower of the day.

Met the girls then and off we went to what was the best yoga class of my life. It was so good. I didn't think I'd be able to do it in such heat, but the room was really cool and had lots of fans. It was very relaxing. the yoga teacher puit us in Savasnah for about 15 mins or so, then started the class with the usual hands up, over, leg back, into upward dog, downward dog and repeat. After that he went into some other cool moves between savasnahs and even put us all into the CRAB. I haven't done the crab in ages. Didn't think I was going to do it as I had said to him I had some lower back pain, but he came round and put us all into it one by one! Wowzers. It was amazing. So ace.

After yoga we had some well earned mojito's as the sun set and then a dinner of momos (dumplings) and hummus and naan. The lads had a big seafood platter with big prawns, barracuda, and squid. The sauce tasted delicious, but I wasn't really in the humour of taking the heads off prawns (my favourite activity after dodging live crabs).

Day 2 of paradise - spent the morning faffing around and spent the afternoon on the beach. It was glorious. Saw a guy paragliding right next to some power lines. SAFETY DANCE. Had mucho cocktails in the evening and hit the sack.












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