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Jodhpur - The Blue City

This is where the horsey pants originated from...

sunny 34 °C

The three lads, Timmy, Cecil and Marion, had had no intention of going to Jodphur, so they were eager to get train tickets booked to Jaisalmer asap so they could do a camel safari. I decided to follow the crowd and do whatever the gang was doing - although it would mean missing the Flying Fox zip lining. hmmmm

So seeing as how we were stuck in Jodphur for the day (well I was always going to have a stop over there) we all went off to get train tickets and then ramble around.

Cecil, admittedly trying to be nice, went off and bought us 4 local train tickets for 90 rupees a pop. Now there is no way in hell that any foreigner in their right mind, would get a local train ticket for an overnight 7 hour journey to Jaisalmer. If you want to experience the real Indian railway system, get a local ticket. This entitles you to bunk with chickens, goats, 100 men staring at you non stop, wooden benches that hurt your arse and the ever present pungent smell of piss.
Call me a snob, but there was not a hope I was going to avail of Cecil's special offer.
And the others agreed. So we bought sleeper car tickets for the night train. This got us 4 bunks together, a fan,
and a bunk bed each!!)
Cecil then wanted to head off on his own to do his own thing. Timmy says he does that all the time. Just heads off, gets stoned and has mad adventures. Before he left, he peppered me with questions like 'what time is the train later?', and 'what's the name of our hotel?'', I told him the guest house was called 'Pushp guest house' and the train was at 11.45pm, and he said he'd meet us at the train station and off he went to do whatever he does! (Later we found out he had been to an all-men party in the slum where the men got drunk and tried
to wrestle his backpack from him. Then he went to some trance party and met a tattoo artist and got an Om tattoo on his chest! LOLZ)

So Marion, Timmy & I headed off to see Mehrangahr Fort. The fort was awesome and had a very thorough audio headset tour with 33 audio stops! After the first stop, Timmy wanted to stop for a snack so we did.
Then after the 6th stop, Timmy wanted to stop for a quick ghey pink drink so we stopped again. At that rate, as you can imagine, it took us hours to finish the 33 stops.


Afterwards, Timmy refused to walk anywhere else and we had to eat in a nearby restaurant. Don't think Colin wanted to mess up his hair with walking or something. ;)

So after this hectic day, we chilled on the roof of our hotel until our train later on in the evening. So by 10.45, we had to go and there was no sign of Cecil. I left a note on his bag that said 'CECIL - 11.45 JODHPUR TRAIN STATION! Sleeper Car 1'' and off we went. The town was dead, everyone was in bed, the lights were off and there was not a tuk tuk to be seen or had. We walked for about half an hour before getting one. We were getting slightly stressed as no one could answer us as to where the train station was and simultaneously Timmy kept asking people where the tuk tuks where so we were getting two different directions from everyone. I was getting low on patience and just then a tuk tuk came along. Thanks be to jaysus as the train station was milllles away. I had doubts as to whether Cecil would make it to the station on time! But when we got to the station, who should be there, only Cecil! Except he didn't have his bag with him! Doh. :D
He couldn't remember the name of the hotel (lol) so couldn't go back to get his bag.
At this stage it's now 11.37 or something, but luckily the train was delayed! We hurried him out to get a motorbike back to the hotel and laid bets as to whether he'd make it back in time! Just as the train was pulling up, Cecil arrived. 'WAHEY', we all shouted and backs were patted and the word 'legend' bandied about a lot.

We piled on the sleeper train and started to put our stuff in our bunks. Suddenly on jump a load of army lads in full uniform and carry mighty large rifles and big black metal boxes, which they proceeded to put under our bunks! It was so surreal, I felt like I was stoned and hallucinating and not Cecil. But everyone else just acted like this was the norm. The army lads were off to the border of Pakistan.

Anywho, when everybody had sufficiently stashed their arms, we all hit the sack and nodded off. I was managing a bit of kip, when at about 3.30am, as we were just moving off from a station, one of the army guys stood in the door of the train shouting aggressively at someone on the platform. As the train sped up, the army guy shouted again, got more annoyed, glanced quickly under our bunks, shouted at another army guy on the train, then JUMPED OFF THE TRAIN RUNNING AT FULL SPEED!!! Obv to chase whoever or whatever had robbed his stuff or insulted his mum! Who knows - he never got back on again, and I didn't get back asleep again! :D

Upon arrival in Jaisalmer, we were greeted by some nice guys from our hotel, and we all had to wait in the car while Cecil took a dump. LOL yet sighhhhhh. :D

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