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28th Feb 2013

all seasons in one day 27 °C

Well had my breakfast even though I felt kinda ill and anxious. (Peanut butter and banana on bagel - if you must know. In fact all meals from now on will probably be documented!)
Said goodbye to Johnny - which probably was the most upsetting bit - apologies to all humans involved but I know I'll defo see you again! Asked my folks not to go giving him away in a raffle when I was gone or whatever...

Maw & Paw dropped me to the airport where upon check in I was given a middle seat.. arrrrrrrrrrghhh - jaysus. Everyone's pet peeve on long haul trips. I dread being trapped in - I can't even sit in a very middle seat in the cinema if I know I'm going to be trapped in by people! Probably should have considered this whilest picking my holiday destination - India - 1 BILLION people. Even the states only has 260 million - (Ref John Sheehan).
Anywho I like being able to wander around on the plane, and use the loo, especially as I have a very small bladder - about the size of a chocolate orange. (he he) But tough nuggies, I was sandwiched in beside Paul the scientist and Tom and Anne - all lovely people! I tried to tell Paul my friend was a scientist too, who had started out with worms and then moved on to something to do with test tubes.. (Hannah Craig) .. Lol. Some friend I am.. ;) Paul was off to a conference in Hong Kong and seemed to be quite important - I also told him I was reading Bill Bryson - A Short History of Everything and that I was on the sciency part. (LMAO - I was kicking myself as I was saying it). Anywho he read The Times, while I watched Red Dwarf on me inscreen movie yoke!
On the other side of me was a lovely couple Ann & Tom - who's daughter was teaching in Dubai. I must say, as they listening to their plans and watching the Dubai infomercial had me slightly wishing I was heading for a week in a cabana hut in Dubai.. But I did however get 3 hours to admire their airport.. which is dandy. Also I spotted a direct flight to Chennai which was leaving in an hour.. DOH.
I was pretty roasting and wearing too many clothes, so did a Jack Reacher on it, (Paul Kenny!!) changed my t shirt and dumped the previous t shirt I'd been wearing in the bin! (Along with a pretty dubious chicken sandwich I had bought 8 hours earlier - didn't want to get sick on the way to India by a slightly turning chicken sandwich!) It felt awesome.
A young gent sat beside me in Dubai airport and peered over my shoulder for about 10 mins before striking up conversation. I was trying not to lol.
The flight to Bangalore was only 3 hours.. I watched Hitchcock (more of a love story really) - who knew Hitchcock was such a lil scoffer! Always atin.. I wish I could have slept but couldn't so have now stayed awake for 24 hours without a snooze... I couldn't even do that on a session these days... :D



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