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sunny 35 °C

Got my breakfast of cornflakes and eggs.. (had to turn down the curry for breakfast - I'm not quite there yet) and met Clara , this lovely Canadian who is also on the trip. Then met another English fellow called George who was just checking in. George has been teaching in Goa for the past month, so we will get some top tips from him..
The three of us decided to head out and see the Fort.. I'm not sure there was even a Fort, if there was, we didn't find it.. We walked round and round Chennai in circles, taking in the sights, smells (ahem - the smell would knock the hairs out of your nostrils) and people everywhere doing odd things. there was a guy with a typewriter typing out letters on the side of the road! I wonder who he was writing to...
Anywho after an hour or two, we caved and got a tuk tuk to the beach.

The beach itself was very long and a humoungous distance down to the sea. All the way down to the sea, there were stalls of jewellery, full fish, balloon popping stalls, get-your-pic-taken-with-a-hollywood-star stalls, sea shells stalls and lots more. We couldn't make it 10 metres without lads wanting to get a photo with us. Some dudes offered us some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice i return for photos with us. We gladly accepted! cept for it was mega sweet - mad for the sugar the Asians are so they are. i didn't really drink it as it was a bit too sweet for me plus I reckoned this was one of the things people probably warned ye not to drink...

We also acquired a man called Sam, who was of Indian descent, but lived in London. He was dressed in slippers and a tracksuit!! In what must have been 35 degrees. He was also a diabetic and didn't like spicy food. You're in the wrong place pal! :D
he told us his wife had died and he was over to see his children in India. Anywho he had hours to kill before his bus so he tagged along with us.
We soon discovered he didn't like paying out money for anything and went on and on about how people were trying to rip ye off all the time. I mean really - you live in feckin London you tight wad. He gave out to me for buying a photo on the beach - ''when I could print it out myself at home''. He was also going on about how we could be kidnapped for large ransoms... sheesh man - you live in LONDON! ;)

Anyways, back to the beach - every Tom, Dick and Ravi wanted their photo with us so it took us yonks to get to the sea part - plus it was actually miles down from the road. Eventually we got to the bottom and saw the sugar cane juice lads messin around in the ocean with a man on a horse.. :D yum!
We went to dip our toes in the Indian Ocean and it was delightful. We were quite enjoying it, til we saw the fishmonger dude emptying his fish heads back into the sea.. EWWW. And the circle of life continues..... The locals didn't seem to mind though and had a right auld splish splash.
As we posed for more photos, i noticed the horse getting antsy and starting to kick back so decided a kick in the head on the first day of the trip wasn't the best idea, so legged it back up the beach.

After all this shenanigans, we decided we had earned a beer. There is bog all beer in India. We set off on a quest, and after Sam asked nearly everyone of the locals on the street, this mad yoke decided he would lead us to a hotel with beer...so off we went... :D
The bar was downstairs in a basement under a local hotel. The room was really dark - so everyone who was drinking, couldn't see anyone else who was drinking - but it was air conditioned and had giant bottles of 6% kingfisher beer. It was the most delicious beer of my life. Dunno if I mentioned this but India is HOT and SWEATY. As in 2 mins in the sun and your clothes are soakin. I'm getting used to it, but it can be very uncomfortable.. especially as we must stay covered up most of the time.

So anyways, our ''friend'' who had delivered us to the bar was still standing there afer we had given him a few rupees, so we were all like.. eh.. thank you.. bye bye.. but he replied with ''me - beer - you''. So under the frowning gaze of the management we bought this mad yoke a beer and he sat at the table beside us, overjoyed and laughing away to himself, slapping his thigh. Now we all only had 1 beer each, but the bill came back saying 6 beers (This happens frequently or you don't get your change, or you may get your change in candy. Upon questioning the bill, the waiter said yer man had had 2 beers!! 2 beers! At these prices!!! lol. We never saw him getting another one so either he was some drunken evil beer-sneaking genius, or the lads at the bar were making it up. I reckon it was the latter, but we paid the bill anyways.. and yer man still there lolling away to himself and wanting a shot of our sunglasses and photos with us.. lmao..

After this adventure (we hadn't even met the rest of the trip yet) we headed back to the hotel, but poor George got stuck dropping Sam to the train station. Sam got out and refused to pay.. telling George to come looking for him in London if he wants some money.. LOL - we think he was annoyed cos he lost his tracksuit top on the beer quest earlier. Either that or that 1 kingfisher went to his head.

So met the rest of the gang back at the hotel at 4pm. 12 of us in total. Kay fro Bromley, works as a hospital physio, John from Letterkenny who lives 10 mins up the road from me in Santry, Bill - also from Letterkenny - didn't come with John but their Dads lived together in the 50s. . Bill - ex British army - loves to curse, lives in Bromley - down the road from Kay. Emily from Canada - geological engineer, Corey from Canada, Dave - casino card dealer from Oz, Evelyn - Swiss medic, Lia - loves all things Bollywood and hung out last night with a Bollywood Prince til all hours, and Charles our leader - nice funny guy, lkes a drink.
Had our intro meeting and some chai tea (tea with hot milk and sugar - delicious) and went off for a stroll. Later Charles brought us for dinner where i had PUri something something - 3 large puffballs and a green dip and a red dip. :D Had a beer in the tropical bar after - 5er for a beer!! Feels like home..... ;)

Click this link to see my pictures of Chennai.. (no descriptions as they take ages)
lisas pics of chennai

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